A radio host likens Donald Trump to “the King of Israel”, Nothing but respect for our King of Israel

In August 2019 President Donald Trump claimed “every Jew who vote for Democrats” display “good total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” It was the latest in a list of inflammatory statements by Trump that some considered anti-Semitic. In 2015, the Times of Israel wrote then-candidate Trump called “offensive stereotypes” when he told a group of Czech Jews, “I am the negotiator as you are a negotiator,” before asking, “Is there anyone in this room who does not negotiate the offer?” In April 2019, he raised eyebrows when he responded Czech Jews called Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu as “prime minister to you.”

Not long after the “infidelity” of his comments Trump retweeted a comment by right-wing radio host Wayne Allen Root, which insists on “Jews in Israel love [Trump] as he is the King of Israel. They loved him like he was the second coming of God .. . But American Jews do not know him or like him. ” According to the New York Daily News, Internet users observe that the Jews do not believe in “the second coming of God” and the phrase “King of Israel” used to mock Christ before his crucifixion.

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The roots are not alone in praising Trump relations with Israel. Media Matters reported that Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, who previously has advocated jailing critics Trump, agreed to keynote “Jexit,” directed Democratic fundraiser Jewish assured that Donald Trump “is the greatest friend to Israel and the Jewish people.”