A mouse fell from the ceiling at the White House – Maybe President Trump can grab a pussycat to flush out the mouse

Mouse Falls out of White House Ceiling
Mouse Falls out of White House Ceiling

Reporters got a surprise when a mouse fell from the ceiling to the White House. The rodent fell on his knees NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander in White House, before finally take refuge amid a tangle son behind a shelf.

Some journalists ran for cover, while others have sought to corner the mouse and capture him. The rodent slipped under the door in the main hall of the press area before he finally ran into the briefing room, where journalists have lost track.

Social media has been bombarded with images of the mouse and the subsequent hunt.

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It does not appear that the mouse has since been taken. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

Mice, rats, cockroaches and other bugs are not new to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, proving a persistent problem for commanders and a popular metaphor for criticism.

President Donald Trump was even more concise in 2017, when he was reportedly that the White House is “a real dump. ”

Late last year, a rat made its way on the lawn of the White House. The White House and Lafayette Square are managed by the National Park Service, which conducts weekly rodents scans.