A man walks into a bar everyday for a year

And the repeated concussive force gives him CTE. CTE is a debilitating effecting many retired competitive vapers. The effects were highlighted in Will Smith's movie Independence Day, where Smith must save his son, Samuel L. Jackson, who becomes stranded on Pandora, whilst… wait a second, I'm pretty sure I've just used "whilst" in a sentence, and on r/furryporn, no less.
Option 1: continue reading this post and wonder what is going on. Skip to page 10.
Option 2: accept the strange traveller into your party, and continue on your journey along the Oregon Trail. Skip to cover flap of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Option 3: you can't have read this far. Skip to deleting your account.
And that's why its called a Choose The Ending story, son.
Son: can I go back to r/jokes now?
Fist: clenches mom

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