A Banana Break up

2020 09 09 a banana split


Biologist Jonathan Eisen, who coined the time period phylogenomics, referred to as this “maybe the very best genomics Venn diagram ever.” The six-set diagram, published by Angélique D’Hont and her colleagues in Nature in 2012, presents the variety of gene households that the banana shares with 5 different species.

“What the diagram says is that over time the 7,674 gene clusters shared by the six species didn’t change a lot in these lineages, versus the 759 clusters particular to the banana (Musa acuminata), for instance,” explains Anne Vézina at ProMusa. “Though the genes in these clusters in all probability share frequent ancestors with different species, they’ve since modified to the purpose that they haven taken on new features.”

Here’s a similar (5-set) diagram relating to conifers.

(Angélique D’Hont et al., “The Banana (Musa acuminata) Genome and the Evolution of Monocotyledonous Plants,” Nature 488:7410 [2012], 213-217.) (Thanks, David.)

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