99 iPhones – Lamest Proposal Ever

99 iphones

There are a lot of not very rich guys who buy expensive things to propose to their girlfriends, especially when they are too emotionally awkward to give a genuine gift or to figure out what their gf might genuinely appreciate.

99 iphonesA man in Guang Zhou used up 2 years of savings to buy the girl he admired 99 iphone’s and confessed his feelings to her in front of all their co workers. Clarify…the original Chinese article indicated that this was NOT his girlfriend and this was NOT a wedding proposal. This is just a confession of love from the man hoping the girl will become his girlfriend.

There was this guy who paid the developers of the recent Spider-Man game to include a marriage proposal of him to his girlfriend in the game world. Needless to say, she refused and it turned into a social media controversy.

Maddie, will you marry me

A Spider-Man fan who asked to have a marriage proposal put into the new Spider-Man video game
Tyler Schultz sent a tweet to Insomniac Games, the studio behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, with a request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the video game.

Maddie, will you marry me?” is in the game on a theater marquee. However, there’s a problem: Schultz and his girlfriend broke up before the game’s release.

Schultz says that he and Madison, who the proposal was directed to, broke up several weeks ago. To use his exact words, she dumped him “to go with his brother.”
maddie will you marry me

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