9 Actual-Life Ghost Encounters Individuals Have Had After Watching Scary Films

Vera Farmiga, who starred in "The Conjuring" and "The Conjuring 2," said that when she went home from filming one night, she found three slashes across her laptop's screen.Director James Wan also saw his dog growling one night at what appeared to be nothing at all.

I’ve at all times been an enormous fan of scary motion pictures, however I received’t lie. A few of them have given me horrible nightmares.

Though I’m okay with the occasional dangerous dream as a result of I really like the genreso a lot, I don’t assume I might proceed watching horror flicks in the event that they introduced actual paranormal exercise into my life.

The individuals beneath know precisely what I imply, as a result of they’ve shared significantly terrifying tales about what occurred to them after watching (and even starring in) horror movies.

1. Vera Farmiga, who starred in “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2,” stated that when she went dwelling from filming one night time, she discovered three slashes throughout her laptop computer’s display.Director James Wan additionally noticed his canine growling one night time at what seemed to be nothing in any respect.

Vera Farmiga, who starred in "The Conjuring" and "The Conjuring 2," said that when she went home from filming one night, she found three slashes across her laptop's screen.Director James Wan also saw his dog growling one night at what appeared to be nothing at all.


The Perrons, the actual household that the movies had been primarily based on, got here to the set someday. After they went dwelling, Carolyn Perron felt an odd presence push her to the bottom.

2. Nancy P. informed Week In Weird in regards to the chilling nightly customer she needed to entertain after watching “The Conjuring 2.”

Nancy P. told Week In Weird about the chilling nightly visitor she had to entertain after watching


I needed to ship an e mail to let you realize that unusual issues have began taking place in my home after my [husband] and I watched “The Conjuring 2.” All the pieces was fantastic till the tip of the film when Lorraine stated the title “Valak.” As quickly as she stated the title, our again door swung open and it gave the impression of somebody got here operating into the home. When my husband went into the kitchen to verify, there was nobody there. For the final three days, we’ve got heard knocking on our partitions at night time and the sound of somebody strolling up our stairs. I do know it’s due to that film and we’re already speaking about callinga priest over for a blessing on the home. There’s something fallacious with that film.

3. Maria B. and her household had been tormented by a damaging phantom after they watched a part of “The Conjuring 2” as nicely.

Maria B. and her family were plagued by a destructive phantom after they watched part of


Simply needed to throw this on the market. Lastnight we watched a part of “The Conjuring 2.” Not all of it, since my son wasscared already. My husband went to go put my son off to mattress and sleptwith him. At virtually 3 a.m., my husband got here again to our room. [He] lies down in mattress and in our closet we hear a sound of dishes breaking. My husband will get up activates the sunshine. And the image of us married, the attractive image body it stood in was damaged in two. I mustn’t have agreed to look at that film. All my stuff in my closet is put away so neatly. I’m nonetheless making an attempt to know the way it might have flown and damaged like that. Sorry to have bugged you, simply thought you need to know. Individuals mustn’t watch that film.

4. Gina Frost from the U.Okay. suffered by means of 40 years of terrifying hallucinations after watching “The Exorcist” as a young person.

Gina Frost from the U.K. suffered through 40 years of terrifying hallucinations after watching


Only one week later, I used to be in my bed room and I started seeing ratsrunning up and down the partitions. I ended up locking myself in my bedroomfor weeks as a result of I used to be so petrified. I assumed I used to be going mad. It tookme about 9 weeks earlier than I felt like I might return into the world.

Ever since then, I’ve been experiencing terrible hallucinations thatmake me really feel sick. I hallucinate about my very own demise. It’s like Iam watching a movie in my head the place I’m being ripped aside andtortured. It is sufficient to flip anyone’s abdomen and it makes me feelill.

The hallucinations have taken over my lifewhen it involves social conditions. Ever since I used to be 18, I havetried to keep away from being in social conditions simply in case I’ve ahallucination. Between the ages of 18 and 39, the hallucinations wereerratic, however over the previous 10 years they’ve gotten worse.

At one level, I used to be having as much as three hallucinations per week and every one lasted three minutes. I usually felt exhausted afterwards.

I haven’t been capable of watch a horror movie since.

Though issues have gotten higher for Frost since she began taking treatment, her hallucinations nonetheless haven’t absolutely gone away.

5. After individuals went inside a theater in Rome to look at “The Exorcist,” lighting struck a close-by church and left the form of a cross on the bottom beneath.This movie additionally prompted many individuals to cross out and vomit whereas watching it that night time.

After people went inside a theater in Rome to watch


Many creepy issues additionally occurred throughout the making of the film.A number of actors and their members of the family (together with family of the crew) died shortly after filming was completed, and a number of fires broke out on set.

6. Jennifer Carpenter, star of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” believes that she was followed home by some form of entity throughout the making of the film.

Jennifer Carpenter, star of


After we had been taking pictures, my stereo saved turning itself on in the midst of the night time.Itfreaked me out as a result of it began taking part in Pearl Jam’s “Alive” — justthe “I’m nonetheless alive” half. It stayed with me for some time.

7. In the midst of watching “The Conjuring 2,” Joanne P. and her household heard terrifying screams that weren’t a part of the film.

In the middle of watching "The Conjuring 2," Joanne P. and her family heard terrifying screams that weren't part of the movie.


We had been simply watching “The Conjuring 2” and my household paused itwhile I went to my bed room to alter into my pajamas. As quickly as Iwalked into my bed room, I might hear loud screaming. I assumed theyturned the TV up actually loud in the lounge, however then realized it wascoming by means of my bed room TV speaker. There was nothing on my TV. Mytwo sons, grandson, and son’s girlfriend all witnessed it. Useless tosay, we stopped watching the film.

8. Actress JoBeth Williams stated that throughout the filming of “Poltergeist,” she discovered the images on her partitions hanging crookedly each night time, although she fastened them each time.

Actress JoBeth Williams said that during the filming of


Heather O’Rourke, the star of the film, even handed away at solely 12 years previous, however she wasn’t the one actress to die.Dominique Dunne was murdered by her ex-boyfriend the identical yr the film was launched.

It’s believed that actual human skeletons had been used within the movie and that this cursed everybody related to it.

9. William Citadel, the producer of “Rosemary’s Child,” obtained many letters from individuals who had watched the film. They informed him that he had unleashed evil by making it.Not lengthy after, he suffered a urinary blockage and needed to have surgical procedure.Throughout his operation, he reportedly shouted, “Rosemary, for God’s sake, drop the knife!”

William Castle, the producer of "Rosemary's Baby," received many letters from people who had watched the movie. They told him that he had unleashed evil by making it.Not long after, he suffered a urinary blockage and had to have surgery.During his operation, he reportedly shouted, "Rosemary, for God's sake, drop the knife!"


Director Roman Polanski’s pregnant spouse, Sharon Tate, was tragically murdered by Charles Manson a yr after the movie’s launch, and John Lennon was shot exterior of the resort that’s within the film.

Composer Krzysztof Komeda additionally handed away one yr after the discharge as a result of a mind aneurysm, similar to one of many characters does within the film.

(by way of Week In Weird / Mirror / Dread Central)

As a lot because it pains me to say this, I might need to take a break from watching horror movies for some time.These tales are simply approach too freaky.

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