80 12 months outdated man and younger bride

An 80 12 months outdated man was having his annual checkup and the physician requested him how he was feeling.

"I’ve by no means been higher!" he boasted. "I’ve acquired an 30 12 months outdated bride who’s pregnant and having my little one! What do you consider that?"

The physician thought-about this for a second, then stated, "Let me inform you a story. I knew a man who was an avid hunter. He by no means missed a season. However someday he went out in a little bit of a rush and he unintentionally grabbed his umbrella as an alternative of his gun." The physician continued, "So he was within the woods and all of the sudden a grizzly bear appeared in entrance of him! He raised up his umbrella, pointed it on the bear and squeezed the deal with." "And are you aware what occurred?" the physician queried.

Dumbfounded, the outdated man replied "No". The physician continued, "The bear dropped lifeless in entrance of him!"

"That is unimaginable!" exclaimed the outdated man. "Another person should have shot that bear."

"That is type of what I am getting at…" replied the physician.

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