7 Inch Body Spray Found Up Lawyer’s Anus

A 39-year-old lawyer was admitted to a university teaching hospital because he shoved a ladies’ body spray bottle so far up his rectum that he couldn’t remove it himself, even though he had been able to remove it on previous occasions.

The perfume was called “Impulse Body Spay,” which actually seems to have worked on this lawyer. The bottle measured 3 cm by 17 cm, and emergency room doctors had to sedate the man with spinal anesthetic and remove the “rectal foreign body” (yes, that’s what it’s called in medical terms) with their bare (sterilized, gloved) hands.

The man’s rectum swelled up like a happy birthday balloon at the supermarket, but eventually the procedure was successfully performed.

Impulse Body Spay

He was offered, but later refused, psychological counseling after the incident. The picture on the left shows the man’s perfume-filled rectum, while the picture on the right is of a man who shoved a d***o up there. A 20 cm by 4 cm d***o. That’s like a 7.8 inch penis. The average is 6 inches. This man had an entire bottle in his rectum larger than most male penises.

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