60 Times Designers Failed So difficult, They Got Shamed On the net (New Pics)

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I guess it’s safe to talk about no designer (or everyone else) wants to see his or her work shamed on the Internet. But for have it featured on the subreddit r/CrappyDesign you must’ve seriously done something wrong.

Maybe a person created plant-dyed underwear the fact that looks like it has just been subject to a messy disaster. Or simply you decided to use Amusing Sans and useless estimate marks on actual law enforcement officials cars. Point is, if the picture of something a person made ended up going virus-like in this online community, it had not been by accident.

Continue scrolling to check out the times designers messed up thus mad, it’s like indicate even know how to use commonsense! After you’re done, turn up Bored Panda’s earlier items on sub-par design here, here, and here. These kinds of are just as good. Err, I am talking about, bad. You get the idea.

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