50 Pics That Are Proof Two Cats Are Higher Than One


Sing together with me now. Two cats are higher than one, they’re twice the enjoyable, ask anybody, a second cat will be second-to-none. Thanks, thanks. That was my lovingly performed adaptation of ‘How I Met Your Mom’s’ hit tune ‘Two Beavers Are Higher Than One,’ barely modified to raised match our mutual love of beautiful felines and exquisite floofs.

And, actually, two cats actually are higher than one, and we’ve obtained the proof. Bored Panda has collected among the most enjoyable, healthful, and hilarious pictures of cat duos goofing and lazing about, all to heal and soothe your souls, pricey Pandas. Possibly even to persuade you to get a second catto when you’ve solely obtained one at dwelling. Simply present your associate or household this record once you wish to pitch them this superior concept wink wink nudge nudge.

Keep in mind to upvote your fave cat pics as you scroll down. Simply think about that every upvote is like petting the pets. Oh, and there actually are tons of advantages to having extra cats. Not only for you—for the pets themselves. However, you also needs to remember that removed from each cat needs to have firm: some felines discover having a wierd cat of their dwelling very aggravating.

PDSA Vet Anna Ewers Clark gave Bored Panda a take a look at the opposite aspect of the story, how home cats are usually quite solitary creatures who have a tendency to love their very own firm. “Though it may be tempting to suppose that your cat would possibly profit from getting one other feline pal, fairly the alternative might be true! Introducing a brand new, unrelated cat to an present cat’s territory can truly be very aggravating for them each, so suppose very fastidiously earlier than getting ‘firm’ on your cat,” she stated that cat house owners ought to pay attention to this earlier than introducing a brand new pet into the family.

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