50 Indicators To Inform If You Are Homosexual


gay1. You put on the suitable underwear for every of your dates.

2. You perceive the refined variations between at the very least 20 manufacturers of vodka.

3. You perceive the immense significance of excellent (or dangerous) lighting.

4. You could be in a crowded bar and nonetheless spot a toupee from 50 yards away.

5. You’ll be able to inform a lady you’re keen on her bathing go well with and imply her bathing go well with.

6. You’ll be able to inform a lady she has lipstick on her enamel with out embarrassing her.

7. Nobody expects you to kiss and never inform.

8. You’ll be able to have bare photos of males in your house.

9. You’ll be able to have bare photos of males you do not know in your house.

10. You’ll be able to have bare photos of males you do not know in your house and in your laptop.

11. Not like your girls pals, you’ll be able to hand around in males’s locker room.

12. You perceive why the great Lord created spandex.

13. You perceive why the great Lord didn’t intend everybody to put on spandex.

14. You recognize the distinction between a latte, cappuccino, cafe au lait and a macchiato. And when you do not, you understand how to fake it.

15. You know the way to get again at nearly everybody.

16. Your pets all the time have nice names.

17. No person expects you to alter a tire.

18. You are the one man who will get to do the “Cosmo” quizzes.

19. You know the way to get a waiter’s consideration.

20. You solely put on polyester while you imply to.

21. At any given immediate, you’ll be able to recite who was homosexual because the daybreak of historical past.

22. You’re, palms down, your nephew’s and nieces’ favourite uncle.

23. You get to decide on your loved ones.

24. You’ll be able to inform your sexual compatibility with a possible accomplice by the best way he holds his drink.

25. You’ll be able to smile to let somebody know you’ll be able to’t stand them.

26. You would not be caught lifeless in Hooters.

27. You’ll be able to freeze an approaching bar troll twenty ft away.

28. You are good friends with girls different folks cannot stand.

29. You have all the time obtained an opinion, and do not thoughts sharing it.

30. You have learn the e book, seen the film, performed the musical.

31. You know the way to “air kiss”.

32. You recognize precisely which beauty surgical procedure to think about having… and the right excuse to present individuals who ask the place you’ve got been for 2 weeks.

33. You know the way to decorate strategically.

34. You recognize when to maneuver out and transfer on.

35. You’re the just one on the class reunion who seems to be higher than you probably did in highschool.

36. You have obtained at the very least one framed image of a pet.

37. You recognize that being known as a “low cost slut” is not essentially an insult.

38. You would not purchase somebody a mug for his or her birthday.

39. You recognize which wine to carry.

40. Gross sales clerks do not mess with you.

41. You’ve gotten a drugs chest stocked for any event.

42. You by no means maintain a grudge for longer than a decade.

43. You have nearly defeated the accent you have been born with.

44. You understand how to a person’s coronary heart isn’t essentially by means of his abdomen.

45. You select essentially the most fabulous greeting playing cards.

46. You recognize each movie ever made with male frontal nudity.

47. You have obtained sunscreen at each conceivable SPF stage.

48. You’ve gotten the most recent Worldwide Male catalog.

49. You would not dream of dressing out of the most recent Worldwide Male catalog.

50. You could be bitchy with out anybody blaming it on biology.

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