50 Funniest Jokes for Children

1. What do clouds use underneath their raincoats?

2. What do youngsters do after they can’t play with the phone?
Bored sport.

3. What do you name two monkeys that share an Amazon account?

4. What do birds give on Halloween?

5. Why are heavy lifters indignant?
He works with dumbbells.

6. Why are teddy bears by no means hungry?
They’re all the time stuffed!

7. What did the police say to his abdomen?
Freeze. You’re underneath a vest.

8. What does one volcano say with one other volcano?
I lava you!

9. What are Thanos’s favourite purposes to speak to pals?
Snap chat.

10. What packages do spiders wish to attend?

11. What does one math e book say to a different?
I’ve a number of issues.

12. Why do geese have tail feathers?
To cowl their ass.

13. Why are you able to by no means joke across the glass?
It might probably break.

14. How are you aware when a bicycle thinks?
You possibly can see the wheels spinning.

15. How does the newborn inform her mom that she has moist diapers?
He despatched him piss.

16. How did Benjamin Franklin really feel when he discovered electrical energy?

17. Why does the rabbit father go to the barber?
He has a number of little rabbits.

18. What sneakers do private investigators put on?

19. How do billboards communicate?
Signal language.

20. Is it brown and sticky?
A stick!

21. What sport does the sky wish to play?

22. Why do not we ever inform jokes about pizza?
They’re too low cost.

23. What sort of lunch do you by no means put together within the morning?

24. Do you hear jokes in regards to the roof?
By no means thoughts, it is above your head.

25. What time is it when individuals throw bread at your head?
It is duck time.
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26. What do you do if somebody seems to be at you?
Roll again.

27. What’s the distinction between a guitar and a fish?
You possibly can tune the guitar, however you’ll be able to’t be tuned.

28. What does the sink say to the bathroom?
You look purple!

29. What are the strongest snake topics in class?
The story.

30. Why did the God of Lightning have to stretch his muscle groups a lot when he was little?
He’s a small Thor.

31. What sort of music does the mum take heed to?
Music wrap.

32. What sort of nuts don’t like cash?

33. Studying find out how to gather rubbish is just not troublesome.
I simply took it once I continued.

34. Why is the wind so windy contained in the stadium?
There are a whole lot of followers.

35. Have you learnt what number of well-known women and men have been born in your birthday?
Nothing, solely child.

36. Why would not the lamp sink?
It is too gentle.

37. Why do vampires look sick?
They’re all the time coffins.

38. The place did the cow go on December 31?
A celebration night time a 12 months.

39. Why cannot you inform the key within the cornfield?
Too many ears.

40. The place did you discover a canine with out legs?
Proper the place you left it!

41. What did the snowman ask?
Do you odor carrots?

42. How do you cease the newborn astronaut crying?
You are a rocket.

43. What did the fisherman say to the magician?
Select cod, any cod.

44. Why did the cake go to the physician’s workplace?
He feels unhealthy.

45. What did the Olympic sprinters eat earlier than the race?
There isn’t a. They’re quick.

46. ​​Why do bowling pins have a troublesome life?
They’re all the time damaged down.

47. Why do golfers put on two pairs of pants?
In case he has one gap.

48. The place are pencils created?

49. Why are penguins socially awkward?
As a result of they can not break the ice.

50. What number of pirates pay for corn?

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