4 hilarious deleted scenes from the ‘Weight Loss’ episode of ‘The Workplace’

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Each true fan of The Workplace is aware of that the present’s deleted scenes are pure comedic gold.

The scripts had been so full of good writing and hilarious jokes that when it got here time to edit the episodes some scenes needed to get the boot for varied causes, reminiscent of run time. Within the newest episode of the , Workplace stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted all in regards to the first a part of the Season 5 premiere, “Weight Loss,” together with a number of deleted scenes from the episode.

“Weight Loss,” which was written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, and directed by Paul Feig, finds the Dunder Mifflin crew participating in an organization weight reduction competitors. The episode additionally reveals Pam in New York Metropolis, the place she embarks on her thrilling design program, and the entire Dwight/Angela/Andy drama rages on.

If you want this pleasant two-part episode was even longer, please take pleasure in these deleted scene recaps.

1. Meredith’s vibrant purple face

A number of observant Workplace followers wrote into the podcast to ask Fischer and Kinsey about Meredith’s tremendous purple face through the weigh-in scene. Her facial coloring would have made sense, had a scene about her getting a really dangerous sunburn not been deleted.

“I need you guys to know I took a photograph of Kate [Flannery]’s face as Meredith wanting like that. And I texted it to Kate final evening and I mentioned, ‘Kate, you realize what, it is best to win crew participant award for the run of The Workplace.’ As a result of her character was at all times moving into some sort of mishap, which resulted in Kate being within the hair and make-up trailer without end. Proper?” Kinsey mentioned. “And right here was the storyline, and it is shared within the deleted scenes: Meredith will get severely sunburned.”

They proceeded to play the deleted scene, and the dialogue is as follows:

Meredith: These guys took me on a fishing boat. I do not assume I caught something. 

Michael: Howdy? Howdy. Hey, your face is sort of again to regular. 

Meredith: Yet another child calls me Hellboy. I swear to God. 

Dwight: Oh, you would like. Hellboy’s a hero. 

“Yeah, she went out on a ship, acquired tremendous, tremendous sunburned, and this was one thing they needed to watch in continuity of which stage of the sunburn was her face at,” Kinsey continued. “Then the entire storyline acquired deleted. However they could not take out Kate’s face, you realize what I imply? So they only needed to go away it in. And Kate mentioned the day after the present aired, Steve got here as much as her on set and was like, ‘You already know what, Kate? I nonetheless thought it was humorous. You already know, I sort of love that Meredith has this thriller about her. That she has this entire different life we do not even want to clarify.’ And Kate mentioned it made her really feel so good that Steve was so considerate to return over and say that.”

2. The wrath of pregnant Jan

Jan is pregnant. However as we mentioned in a earlier podcast, Michael is not the daddy, Jan’s sperm donor was actually professional tennis player Andy Roddick.

Michael has agreed to assist pregnant Jan out, and in doing so, might have led his staff to imagine that Jan is carrying his child. NBD!

Anyway, Jan places this rumor to relaxation in a deleted scene that featured a Jim speaking head.

“Jim has this speaking head the place he says, ‘Michael led us to imagine he was the daddy of Jan’s child by telling us he was the daddy of Jan’s child,'” Kinsey explains. “Properly, this speaking head would have continued and so they needed to trim it.”

Within the authentic speaking head, Jim held up an e-mail and mentioned, “However then Jan despatched this e-mail to everybody.” Kinsey defined that Jim learn the e-mail out loud, and here is what it mentioned.

Hello, everybody. Jan right here writing to share some fantastic information and to squash a rumor. First, the good information: I’m anticipating! The attractive child lady inside me can be prepared to satisfy the world this fall, only a few months earlier than the launch of the brand new Serenity by Jan line. Shameless plug. I do know. Do not hate me. LOL. Anyway, I additionally wished to make clear that the daddy just isn’t anybody that you just or I’ve ever met. Keep in mind, regardless of how excited somebody is about my child, it doesn’t make them the daddy. Finest, Jan. PS: Hope to ship you one thing quickly. 

3. The cat wedding ceremony cake

DwAngela followers most likely did not care that Angela was dishonest on Andy with Dwight throughout their engagement, however you would possibly sympathize with the man somewhat extra after studying about this deleted scene. 

“There is a very candy deleted scene that reveals Angela making an attempt to bond with Andy over the marriage. It is within the break room and I titled it ‘Overly Animated Angela,'” Kinsey mentioned. This is the unique dialogue:

Andy: We may get a cake formed like your cat.

Angela: They will try this? 

Andy: Yeah. For you, my love. I’ll discover the best cakesmith in all of the land. Doo-doo-doo-doo! Deliver me sir bakes a number of Frostingham Forest.

Angela: What about one formed like, I do not know, a litter field? 

Andy: Hey-oh! 

Angela: Proper? I imply is it gross or fantastic? I do not know! 

4. Tensions! On the dry erase board

The Scranton workplace spent most of “Weight Loss” weight-reduction plan and depriving themselves of meals in hopes of successful a number of additional trip days, so naturally tensions ran excessive.

In a single deleted scene, nevertheless, Fischer and Kinsey clarify that issues acquired downright insulting between the women within the workplace.

“Properly, now it’s week 5 of the load loss competitors. The Scranton department just isn’t doing very properly. Holly tells us that company has now upped the prize to 5 trip days, however issues are breaking down between individuals,” Fischer defined. “I imply, Kevin’s within the kitchen. He is making himself a peanut butter bagel. Creed and Kelly are evident at him.”

“Oh, there’s a deleted scene the place Meredith and Kelly and Holly are engaged on the dry erase board. And Kelly goes, ‘I am doing a blood kind weight-reduction plan. And Meredith goes, ‘Who provides a *BLEEP*. And Kelly goes, ‘What did you say, whore?’ And Holly goes, ‘OK, hey, hey, hey!'” Kinsey mentioned. “I imply, issues are getting actually intense.”

You should definitely take heed to the complete podcast episode for extra  deleted scene recaps and behind-the-scenes tales from filming “Weight Loss.”

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