39 Times People Took Pics Only To Realize They’ve Captured ‘Giants’

Everyone wants to look their best in front of the camera. In that sense, we’re all bound to feel at least the tiniest bit of disappointment. And it’s not because we don’t look worthy of a perfect shot, but rather because a praying mantis throws an unwelcome photobomb like it’s no big deal, or because the camera is wobbly.

Sometimes, though, the whole composition is off. Whether on purpose or by accident, it can bend the picture and our minds to make us look like real-life giants.

Bored Panda has compiled the funniest pics of unsuspecting giants who make the world around them look like a miniature amusement park. Watch out, King Kong, there is some strong competition in town!

#1 Already Tall (7 Ft Or More) Friend Accidentally Takes Optical Illusion Photo

Image credits: pixelpoetry

#2 Our Tour Guide Took This Photo Of Our Group At Angkor Wat

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Image credits: skibblez_n_zits

#3 My Boy Climbing An Old Rotten Tree Stump Looks Like A Giant Climbing Mountains

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Image credits: AidenAsh15

#4 My Friend Looks Like A Giant

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Image credits: Nvr2Much

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#5 I Took A Few Shots At Lake Louise Today And Google Offered Me This Panorama

people look like giants optical illusion 35 5cadd71b6e349 700 1

Image credits: MalletsDarker

#6 This Picture Of A Friend Hiking Makes Him Look Like A Giant Sitting Amongst Mountains

people look like giants optical illusion 2 5cb450d3a016c 700 1

Image credits: Pork_9

#7 This Woman Seems As If She’s A Giant Lounging In The Ocean On A Large Mountain

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Image credits: Ahowardusf

#8 The Way My Friend’s Uncle Is Sitting Makes Him Look Like A Giant

5cab3761b0ab6 79b18lmdcely 700 1

Image credits: rex1991

#9 Thank You, Google

people look like giants optical illusion 36 5cadd83724e0d 700 1

Image credits: skoser

#10 My Friends Look Like Giants

5c94bf1e2a109 czjb4czrcvn11 700 1

Image credits: KidKuiper

#11 A Giant Hanging From A Waterfall

people look like giants optical illusion 23 5cadd4995ff83 700 1

Image credits: basshead541

#12 Giant Lady Leans On Building

people look like giants optical illusion 33 5cad8c7f7581b 700 1

#13 Tiny Kid, Giant Dad

people look like giants optical illusion 24 5cb44e5052f14 700 1

Image credits: ziggystarfist

#14 Does This Count?

people look like giants optical illusion 22 5cb453895c11d 700 1

#15 My Brother Looks Like A Giant In This Easter Pic

5c94d32096144 xGunh8L1GlB1B9CySVHGtJhX5XN4FGeuVr88u7BM8as 700 1

Image credits: josephninety

#16 The Optical Illusion Of This Photograph Makes It Look Like There Is A Micro-Human Next To My Mate

5cb452777a4f2 inq1rbfq0wux 700 1

Image credits: emmaensign

#17 This Optical Illusion Makes My Friend Look Like A Giant

5c94d27df289a sxQSCx2RYfQv2Cmu7YT6fwf7Qcq UA0MzUCGTzkMGJI 700 1

Image credits: speedota

#18 This Photo Makes Me And My Friends Look Like Giants In A Forest

5c94e7f29bc07 F OExVR99krnaXIp6pxFpsVSeoxGmJfarRk4lcBoaZo 700 1

Image credits: marcusbrothers

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#19 Took This Photo, Later Realized That She Looked Huge

people look like giants optical illusion 31 5cadbe940e041 700 1

Image credits: clarkhodgins

#20 Accidental Forced Perspective Makes Me Look Like A Giant

5c94ea225e114 7kq3f248vbsx 700 1

Image credits: bradcrc

#21 A Giant At The Muscle Beach

5cac4036ea034 469tjf25sbty 700 1

Image credits: tomatopickle

#22 My Grandfather Looks Like A Giant In This Photo

5c94d65609969 3uy2pv674qry 700 1

Image credits: sjm2525

#23 Illusion At Mt. Woodson

people look like giants otpical illusion 100 605c2b2e91a4d 700 1

Image credits: Mrithu

#24 The Lighting At My School’s Talent Show Made This Picture Look Photoshopped

people look like giants optical illusion 28 5cadd10517357 700 1

Image credits: mirandaconpete

#25 We Were Taking Photos One Day On A Beach In Mexico

5cab316d32c13 EpJAV E5JWXivQ58en9zVr5WRSR4eLTTkrTvBHGEn4 700 1

Image credits: SarahPalinsBallsack

#26 Giant Baby

people look like giants optical illusion 34 5cadbcab899c4 700 1

#27 The Miniature Shopping Carts At The Local Pharmacy Make My 11-Month-Old Son Look Like A Giant

5c94d2fc2cfe8 QdZiPqK7hSEwoTwuLz6C0NvUQzTlpXRnS8mXNv18dw0 700 1

Image credits: ZeroBugBounce

#28 This Picture My Brother Took In Ireland Makes It Look Like He’s A Giant Walking Around The Countryside

5c94bf26470a2 avgrnh6b9s911 700 1

Image credits: Julius__PleaseHer

#29 My Friend Took A Photo Of Me Sitting On A Wall That Ended Up Looking Like A Giant Sitting On The End Of A Pier

5c94eae3eabfd 0vUbJjr4381DTNIDzC3A oQPQs6vV8oFWRPuahRM3yQ 700 1

Image credits: LitZippo

#30 I Look Like A Giant In This Picture

5cab3233dff40 LsWEliZq3BwC8wI9Qa8f k3jWY 2WCiEeJZMqxNOsL8 700 1

Image credits: PabloVermicelli

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#31 Giant Caught Standing On A Beach

people look like giants optical illusion 26 5cadd268158a4 700 1

Image credits: YourLocalDutchGuy

#32 Is That A Giant Kneeling On Water?

people look like giants optical illusion 29 5cb44d3f70e44 700 1

Image credits: therealjshaff

#33 Photographing A Waterfall Miniature

5cab3572851f0 96s3rwiimwq21 700 1

Image credits: RealMCKenzie

#34 This Newlywed Couple In Ireland Look Like Giants

people look like giants optical illusion 1 5cb4520c56c7b 700 1

Image credits: explodingkitteh

#35 I’m Not A Giant , I’m Just Installing New Flooring At A Pre-School

5f240b436a11e foio7m9nwvb51 700 1

Image credits: giceman715

#36 From The Angle I Took This From, My Friend Looks Like A Giant

people look like giants optical illusion 16 5cb4492da26ed 700 1

Image credits: IlluminatiFetus

#37 My Kids On A Cliff Looking At The Ocean Makes Them Look Like Giants

5c98847faa5f8 0uy4n68r64fz 700 1

Image credits: phathiker

#38 Photo Of Me Fixing Xbox Inadvertently Makes Me Look Like A Giant

5e26d79e5f142 7ps5nzr0wmx21 700 1

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 My Older Sister Holding My 2 Giant Sons Around 1-Year-Old Each

My husband’s 6 ft and the shortest of the men in his family. His dad’s family is like purely Norwegian and massive (even a few ladies are over 6 ft).

And my sister is small (4’11”-5’0”).

The boys are both 90th percentile for height. My 1-year-old wears 2T clothing. My 3-year-old wears 5-6 year-old clothing.

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Image credits: reddit.com