32 Times Millennials Caught Themselves Saying Middle-Aged Things, Shared In This Online Group

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In every millennial’s life, there is that one day and that one time that you say something to yourself or out loud and then stop for a second in awe. Whatever the sentence was, you couldn’t have imagined saying it unless, well, you’re middle-aged. Be it “I am looking forward to going to bed” or “Why is the music so loud in here?!” and then all of a sudden, the moment of realization hits and the lightbulb switches on: I am definitely ageing. And before you change your mind from getting takeout to actually going home and cooking the chicken that’s been sitting in your fridge for a few days now, take a look at the list below of the best things people have caught themselves saying that made them realize they’re slowly knocking at the middle-aged people’s door.

The online community r/AskReddit, labelling themselves as “the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions,” was a perfect platform for the user naxxfish to fire it out to the millennials: “What was the most middle-aged thing you caught yourself saying recently?” And, well, the answers were ranging from hilarious to hysterical to “I can actually totally relate.” Vote for your favorite ones and let us know yours!

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You want to go out for dinner? Oh no, I can’t; I have chicken in the fridge that I have to cook before it goes bad

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I slept wrong and haven’t been able to turn my head for three days.s l Se3 GFPVcVc unsplash 6081945d173cb 700

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Why is the music so loud in here?!dave weatherall 51H2LuKFHsI unsplash 6081939614a17 700

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Wanted to buy a snack and then thought, “no, I have food at home”nrd FDQFZHY9iG4 unsplash 6081940015ca8 700

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Scrolling through my Spotify and constantly asking who the hell are these people?juja han uT55XxQLQGU unsplash 608194e7842ef 700

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Calling a 21 year-old guy a “kid”.amy tran nHRjqkRIuTE unsplash 608194d193213 700

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That’s a nice box, keep it.christopher bill 3l19r5EOZaw unsplash 6081969c759bb 700

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I was eating lunch with a coworker last week and she was bitching about the weird clothes her parents wore in high school. Jincos, wallet chains like 4 ft long, some other stuff, but as I’m listening to her I realize that she’s describing my high school experience so I ask her, how old are your parents?

“Ugh they’re 40!”

….I’m 37, turning 38 in two weeks.

After I told her that we both got really quiet and changed the subject.

Someone please help me. I’m not ready for this.


“Oh no thank, you. I can’t have caffeine this late in the day or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.”

My spouse was offering me the last soda from the fridge. It was 1pm.inna kapturevska YvBG2xmrMW4 unsplash 608197cb69478 700

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Had a riveting conversation with some friends about the best office chairs for lumbar support.brusk dede tjd5CfdDPRA unsplash 608195a39b37f 700

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I’m 38, unmarried, child-free. And it blows my mind I could be the mother of a an an elder teenager if I had children when I was younger. I just don’t see myself as that old yet.marisa howenstine Cq9slNxV8YU unsplash 60819808f1109 700

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I slapped a crate I had strapped onto the back of my car and said “This isn’t going anywhere”stephane yaich hh8XC s7uA0 unsplash 6081990f6ff98 700

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“No, I’m okay. It just takes my back a little while to loosen up in the morning.”toa heftiba hBLf2nvp Yc unsplash 6081956acd236 700

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Not something I said but I just stood out on my porch this morning drinking my coffee and someone drove by pretty fast and I thought “that’s way too fast”sincerely media h4gOZVZLZgk unsplash 608198bf8eca0 700

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“I can’t have curry after 6 or I’ll have heartburn all night.”amirali mirhashemian ZSukCSw5VV4 unsplash 6081961f6f9b4 700

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Quit touching the god damn thermostat, you’re driving the bill up.dan lefebvre RFAHj4tI37Y unsplash 6081986acac36 700

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That classic “dad groan” when standing upbrandon hoogenboom PnjKv5bvCHw unsplash 60819756b2ddb 700

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I tried listening to the iTunes top 100 yesterday for a change of pace and it all sounded like hot garbage, “WHAT ARE KIDS EVEN LISTENING TO THESE DAYS?!”akshay chauhan 1SgzVj4Pfa4 unsplash 60819704ea4fc 700

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In a conversation with a friend “I managed to find a really good knife block recently…”izabela rutkowski V7 JdKXtbRc unsplash 6081983d68b4b 700

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I can’t fix one thing in my house without at least 15 minutes of complaining about the previous owners handiwork.


My knees hurt.imgix YRicljDVF38 unsplash 608195f1011d4 700

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I am looking forward to going to bed.jp valery DE9MM2voqKc unsplash 608199474d515 700

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I was venting to a coworker about these noisy bastards living next to me. I actually said the words, “goddamn teenagers and their Bluetooth machines”. I stand by my admonition but man it was my greatest age leap forward since I embraced the sensible Toyota.


“They just don’t make them like they used to” them being good wood dressers


My housemate: you want a drink?

Me: Nah, man. I haven’t had a drink in… six months maybe? More?

My housemate: You stopped drinking?

Me: I’m not SOBER or anything, it’s just that alcohol makes me sleepy.


When my wife asked if there was anything she need to pick up at the store, and I responded: “I think we’re out of asparagus.”

Not sure what foul demon possessed me to to say those words.


Some kids ran through my lawn the other day. I’m still recovering.


I had my bachelor party in Vegas recently.

I went to bed because I was tired, not because I was sloppy drunk like every other time I went to Vegas. Fml I’m old now


Why do I get up every day and crack like a glow stick with out the glow it’s so disappointing.


“When you leave a room, turn the light OFF!”

I’ve become my dad…..


“Can the kids (in the park outside) shut up”

I am the grumpy old lady now.


“I will never financially recover from this”

Said after turning off yet another light left on in my home

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