30 Screenshots Of People Who Caught Others Shamelessly Spreading Lies On The Internet And Stepped In To Shut Them Up

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There’s only so much nonsense one person can handle. And just because the internet is not guarded by BS-detecting police, that doesn’t mean one can share it without hesitation. Especially if it misinforms, spreads fakery, or takes advantage of a situation.

The corner of the subreddit “Quit Your Bull,” which is home to 1.6 million members, is dedicated to collecting such bittersweet examples. From Elon Musk busting his alleged “brain coach” to the American Kennel Club calling out a false ad that claims that a particular type of dog breed is recognized as dangerous by AKC, these are some of the screenshots that got karma restored.

And next time someone claims you can say whatever you want online, tell them to try and see what happens. Hint: nothing good will ever come of this.

#1 Someone Is Awfully Busy With So Many Careers!

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#2 Don’t Need 5g When U Have The Fastest 4g In The Universe

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#3 Guy Leaves A Bad Review For A Shop He Was Never Even At

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Nobody was born BS-proof. We’ve all lied, said nonsense, regretted it, or maybe not. Sometimes the nonsense we shared did no harm to us or people around, and sometimes it really paid off. Like, white lies. These incredible little lies hold half honesty, half false chaos that spins the world around us.

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It’s a whole different story when we encounter serious lies. Like anti-vaxxers spreading false beliefs against Covid vaccinations on social media. In such cases, a lie targets the most vulnerable people of society who, for the lack of better information, find themselves in genuine belief that what they’re reading is pure truth.

But BS itself is a different kind of lie, which makes it particularly annoying. According to Scott Berkun, an author of eight popular books on creativity, design, leadership and public speaking, BS lies can be defined as “unnecessary deceptions committed in the gray area between polite white lies and complete malicious fabrications.”

#4 Anti Vaxxers Never Change

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#5 Idk How Restaurants Deal With All The Anti-Masker Bs Right Now

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#6 Faking A Wedding Pic For Karma

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Moreover, “BS is usually defined as inventions made in ignorance of the facts, where the primary goal is to protect oneself,” writes Scott and adds that “The aim of BS isn’t to harm another person, although that often happens collaterally.”

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What makes it particularly frustrating is that the BS kind of nonsense is kind of hard to detect. But Scott believes that the first step in defeating is expecting it. “Fire detectors are designed to expect a fire at any moment: they’re not optimists. They fixate on the possibility of fires and that’s why they save lives. If you want to detect BS, you have to swallow some cynicism and add some internal doubt to everything you hear.”

Scott urges us all to be like “Socrates: assume people are unaware of their own ignorance (including yourself) and politely, warmly, probe to sort out the difference.”

#7 Faking A Dead Man’s Autograph

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#8 Restaurant Owner Smacks Down Bs Review

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#9 Local Jackass Gets Corrected

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#10 Elon Is Not Having It

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#11 Vegan Lies About The Benefits Of Being Vegan. Another Vegan Calls Them Out

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#12 They Did The Math

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#13 Akc Calls Out Clickbait Twitter Ad

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#14 It’s Just Full Of Misinformation

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#15 Boyfriends Steals £hundreds From Store, Goes Next Day, Gets Nicked So Girlfriend Sends 1-Star Review. As You Do

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#16 I Found This Review From A Local Haunted House Attraction. There Were Quite A Few Negative Reviews Just Because They Had To Follow Covid Guidelines

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#17 *sigh*

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#18 Karma Farming Accounts

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#19 Clickbating About The Vaccine

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#20 (Now Ex) BF Says He Is Getting Threats From Reddit Users Because I Anonymously Posted On R/Amitheas***le

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#21 Third Times A Charm. Repost For Anonymity Editing

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#22 Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

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#23 Bill Gates Made The Coronavirus

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#24 Guy Doesn’t Even Know What Band He Saw

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#25 Lying About Donating Bone Marrow

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#26 It’s A Big Conspiracy!

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#27 Someone Doesn’t Have Their Facts Straight

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#28 Fortunate Son Meets Travelin’ Band

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#29 First One In The Wild

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#30 Caught A Live One Today

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