25 Harsh and Ugly Truths of Life

Start trying to achieve the most you can in this one life you’ve got. Don’t let failures put you down. You are not the only one who fails.

  • Life was better when the internet was expensive.
  • You’ll get 100% off on your birthday treat by not having friends.
  • Nobody remains virgin in life. Life fucks everyone.
  • Life is a slave to our desires.
  • Some people will have a valid reason to hate you.
  • Social media is more of psychology than technology.
  • 16–22 is the age where you fall for every other person who talks nicely to you.
  • Rain will sometimes cancel the play.
  • No one will reward you for being good.
  • We see things as “we are “ not in the sense what they actually ‘are’.
    You die the day you stop learning.
  • Spiritual knowledge matters a lot in life.
  • Porn and masturbation is a complete waste of your positive energy.
  • You are the only person on earth who can change yourself.
  • Loneliness is the best place to find yourself.
  • You can’t keep everyone happy.
  • We hesitate to communicate and apologize to people.
  • Nobody is real in this world except your parents.
  • People respect the money, not the person.
  • Your friends are not trustworthy.
  • Pleasure is temporary and fleeting.
  • If you get stuck – It’s your own fault.
  • The life we are living is still a dream for many.
  • There will always be people who are less deserving but way more successful than you.
  • And the most important truth of life – Your follower is not always your fan.