20 Weirdest Chinese Copycat Cars

Apart from people copying other successful people, successful products are also copied, that’s why we have copyright laws governing such occurrences. Unfortunately, these copyright laws have some strict boundaries. What do we mean?

For instance, in China, their patent laws make it simple for designs to be copied easily, and tough for car manufacturers from outside the country to file for any form of infringement. That’s why we have a lot of copycat products coming from China. For this article, we would be listing copycat cars that make us sad for the original models. Later in the article, you’d be seeing outrageous copycat cars that look so much like the original from a distance, but it seems weird when you come closer.

The annoying thing about these copycat cars is the fact that they unapologetically steal the body design of big car brands like Jaguar, Benz, and Toyota and power the vehicles with poor engines—after all most of them are electric cars.

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