20 Vintage Gaming Ads Full of WTF

90s gaming ads.

Let’s be real, video game ads during the past few years have been boring. Publishers expect you to be wowed by weekly trailers and pretty graphics.

Back in the 90’s games didn’t have the luxury of realistic graphics. So, they relied on witty and often insane imagery to catch your attention the good ol’ fashioned way.

In this feature we’re going to travel back in time to the 1990’s, a time when games were simple and even Nintendo used hot chicks to sell its products.

1. Pro Fishing Challenge – Size Does Matter

uploads1506452975093 VideoGameAds00

“The most complex fishing game to date”. As if that’s a good thing.

2. Game Boy Pocket – Distracting

uploads1506453008708 VideoGameAds05

3. Game Boy – Ferret

uploads1506452985007 VideoGameAds01

4. Neo Geo – Weenie

uploads1506452989887 VideoGameAds02

5. RollerGames  – Early 90’s Chicks

uploads1506453016729 VideoGameAds07

6. Game Boy Advance – In the Dark
uploads1506453004056 VideoGameAds04

Wait, then what’s the first best thing?

7. Mortal Kombat – Child Abuse

uploads1506452997494 VideoGameAds03

8. Gex 3 – Gal

uploads1506453012861 VideoGameAds06

9. Sunsetriders – Pork n’ Beans

uploads1506453020722 VideoGameAds08

10. Game Boy Pocket – Pants

uploads1506453025928 VideoGameAds09

11. ??? – Neglectful Balance

uploads1506453029683 VideoGameAds10

12. Sega Game Gear

uploads1506453033363 VideoGameAds11

13. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

uploads1506453038880 VideoGameAds20

21. SEGA Saturn – Head for Saturn

uploads1506453097767 VideoGameAds19

15. Sega Saturn – Play Later

uploads1506454105425 VideoGameAds21

16. Game Boy Pocket – Tongues

uploads1506453059212 VideoGameAds13

17. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssee

uploads1506453064904 VideoGameAds14

18. Sega Saturn – Nekkid

uploads1506453074841 VideoGameAds15

19. Game Boy Burger Time – Burger

uploads1506453082088 VideoGameAds16

20. Sega PlayStation – BDSM

uploads1506453090866 VideoGameAds17

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