170 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Parenting (New Pics)

You can read every book on parenting and join all the Facebook mommy and daddy groups but when the time comes and you start raising kids, they will undoubtedly find a way to surprise you. Every. Single. Day.

Want to admire your boy playing with his toy? Too bad, he breaks your front tooth in half. Won’t let your girl keep a handful of coins in her mouth? Get ready for a furious meltdown. At least you now have a story for the Internet.

As a follow-up to our previous list, we at Bored Panda have compiled a set of photos that perfectly sum up parenting in just a single frame. Enjoy!

#1 Bathroom Kid

funny parenting kids 313 603fac740081e 700

Image credits: DTycon

#2 We Found My Wife’s Phone In The Toilet Yesterday. We Weren’t Sure Which Of Our Three Kids Put It There Until My Wife Scrolled Through Her Pictures Today

funny parenting kids 730 603f8c86e8c13 700

Image credits: footeperu

#3 Took Kids Parasailing And They Played Dead

funny parenting kids 759 603fb25369cdd 700

Image credits: thenewfoo

#4 She Couldn’t Hear Him

1319310374672371712 png 700

Image credits: bwecht

#5 I Guess There’s Something To Be Said About Knowing Proper Anatomy

funny parenting kids 306 603f9bd26e180 700

Image credits: moneekautumn

#6 My Friend’s Kid’s Diaper Report From Daycare *faints*

funny parenting kids 744 603f9fbe9d017 700

Image credits: calidelphia1228

#7 I Have A Feeling This Happens Often

5fc8b31ed230b abrotqf451o51 700

Image credits: Beast-_-Master_-_64

#8 My Son Just Made A Huge Mess. This Is His Just Let Me Explain Face

funny parenting kids 747 603fa48275526 700

Image credits: Mjones_bulldog

#9 7-Year-Old Girls Really Know How To Hit You Where It Hurts

funny parenting kids 701 603f988a61f8c 700

Image credits: tank5209

#10 Our Airbnb Had A Translucent Bathroom Door. I’m Used To My Impatient Toddler Stalking Me Through The Bathroom Door, But This Took It To A Much Creepier Level

600ad6ce344d4 tpvjfznt7p621 700

Image credits: goodluck_canuck

#11 Now This Is Real Life

funny parenting kids 795 6040b73c5ef08 700

Image credits: megancurrenphotography

#12 There Goes Their Screen Time

funny parenting kids 735 603f97af43f55 700

Image credits: RyanS0619

#13 After 9 Months WFH, This Morning Was The First Time My Daughter Has Seen Me In A Suit. Did Not Approve

funny parenting kids 763 604087b1f0f9f 700

Image credits: Humvee13

#14 In The Future When Someone Asks What It Was Like To Work From Home In 2020. I’ll Just Show Them This Picture

funny parenting kids 714 60097c7c5b0d8 700

Image credits: helohelo

#15 It’s Moments Like These That I Wish I Didn’t Go All “Balls Out” On Having Children. Here’s Penny, Showing Her Class “Something That Smells Good”

funny parenting kids 757 603fb0381dc93 700

Image credits: meghanoeser

#16 Texts From The Babysitter Never Surprise Me Anymore

Image credits: eazye06

#17 Found Out My Kid Had This On His School Classroom Wall All Year

funny parenting kids 702 603f8db25b31b 700

Image credits: bhornet2008

#18 I Can’t Say I Haven’t Wondered This Myself. Still Funny Though

funny parenting kids 311 603faa17b7549 700

Image credits: RedNylo

#19 Emergency Situation

1146218600375574528 png 700

Image credits: cwilso

#20 Parsley Or Weed

1329146533720285187 png 700

Image credits: Tunezz7

#21 Of Course Not

Image credits: ebruenig

#22 A Comedy Of Errors Every Day With This Kid

1199473805384658944 png 700

Image credits: MattWalshBlog

#23 I Come Home From Work To My Purple Son, Painted By My Daughter

funny parenting kids 755 603fae33d0576 700

Image credits: yurrrrrr101

#24 My Neighbor’s Toddler Was A Little Too Quiet

6038fa2a8491d v8kddg0z39l31 700

Image credits: HeyT00ts11

#25 She Wanted To Play With The Laptop

funny parenting kids 728 603f8b0c9e5eb 700

Image credits: Poncecutor

#26 Thanks To The Neighbor

funny parenting kids 316 6040a34f8147c 700

Image credits: silentpterneas

#27 My 5-Year-Old Son Stole My Wife’s Wallet The Other Day And Ran Off To His Room Quietly. Today She Got Pulled Over And This Was All She Had For ID

funny parenting kids 761 6040868d2f38d 700

Image credits: kcazdaddy

#28 “Screw You And The Clothes You Bought Me”

funny parenting kids 322 6040b6b3166e6 700

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#29 I Sat On The Toilet, Closed The Door, And My 2-Year-Old Decided I Wasn’t [Pooping] Myself Fast Enough

funny parenting kids 733 603f8fdd50a17 700

Image credits: jonathan-gostelow

#30 It’s Always Nice Getting Pictures From Our Son’s Teacher Showing How He’s Excelling In School

5cb5d485ba1fc gfkiFRRUBjLD8OZaGhOAJr7r769NDjBC6Ro7 wHWeOg 700

Image credits: traskrogers

#31 My Toddler Found A White Ink Pad And Immediately Turned Into Saruman

funny parenting kids 715 60097d34b09bf 700

Image credits: DonWFP

#32 It’s The Small Things That Make Being A Parent So Rewarding

funny parenting kids 734 603f92d32e409 700

Image credits: Be_mused

#33 That’s A Silly Reason To Cry

1001947600398974978 png 700

Image credits: SeauxCocoa

#34 Stealing Air

1015498844551905281 png 700

Image credits: knowbuntu

#35 Biggest Mystery Of All Time

1318346083454668800 png 700

Image credits: _BIGSYD

#36 Imagination Is Cool

1287447803866669056 png 700

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#37 Our House Has 10 Rooms

funny parenting kids 736 603f97fa44542 700

Image credits: danthoms

#38 It Took Her Mom 20 Hours To Get That Out After Her Brother Poured A Container Of “Bunchems” In Her Hair

funny parenting kids 727 602ce6a574f61 700

Image credits: lisa.tschirlig

#39 Oh…

1212694262711603201 png 700

Image credits: ColdHeart_Prj

#40 Honestly, I Can Relate

funny parenting kids 301 603f9017dc46b 700

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#41 Parents, How’s That Home Schoolin’ Going?

funny parenting kids 302 603f96502c836 700

Image credits: wetbudha

#42 I Think It’s Quite Brilliant

82228307046 1 png 700

Image credits: floozys

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#43 Ahh The Fresh Smell Of Vaporized Piss In The Morning

funny parenting kids 310 603fa98224ec4 700

Image credits: macabrejaguar

#44 My 6 Year Old Got Tattoo Markers For Christmas And Disappeared For Half An Hour. Bonus: We Can’t Get It To Come Off

603f8de4b153e nufi56j5bw641 700

Image credits: stephicus

#45 All The Shit My Son Has Put Down The Air Conditioning Vent In The Last 6 Years

funny parenting kids 758 603fb10e5cc20 700

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 Kid Is Secretly A Medium

funny parenting kids 300 603f8ddc88bed 700

Image credits: LauraBaileyVO

#47 He Was Just Trying To Help

funny parenting kids 750 603fa9d72726c 700

Image credits: PhillyD

#48 My Son Stuck His Finger In My Eye And Scratched Off The Whole Top Layer Of My Cornea

600986f121451 7qm8wcdsrmt41 700

Image credits: shermiezzz12

#49 I Woke Up To My Daughter Standing Over Me Like This. I’ve Never Been So Proud (Or Terrified)

5cb5cd2122358 zur7mby98u621 700

Image credits: bibowski

#50 Apparently, The Kids Were Too Distracted To Shut The Door

funny parenting kids 745 603fa09fe455f 700

Image credits: sn00perz

#51 Trying On Clothes With A Toddler In A Nutshell

5cb5ce9a20d4f fbzy2ar6in921 700

Image credits: nikkicolerose

#52 This Is How My Morning Is Going Today

funny parenting kids 100 5f85654b7572f 700

Image credits: pb-86

#53 Good Evening Who Needs A Free Happy Meal? We Have 18 Available. My 5-Year-Old Knows How To Grubhub

funny parenting kids 753 603fac48c2a4e 700

Image credits: Jessica Veach

#54 He’s Actually Far Too Smart For Me

funny parenting kids 500 604202d3d1872 700

Image credits: southwoodhunter

#55 Got Locked Out Of iPad For 47 Years

1114651667214032896 png 700

Image credits: eosnos

#56 My Daughter Was Furious That We Wouldn’t Let Her Keep A Handful Of Coins In Her Mouth

Image credits: SleepyGary5

#57 Identically Unperturbed By What They Did To Themselves With The Clippers At 5 Am

funny parenting kids 740 603f9b4b5c0e0 700

Image credits: passingglans

#58 My Mom Made Me A Pan Of Brownies For My Birthday, And My Son Insisted On Carrying Them On The Way Home. Got Back And Somehow They Ended Up With A Giant Footprint In Them

funny parenting kids 748 603fa58b70fa7 700

Image credits: nday79

#59 Everyday At Dinner

funny parenting kids 320 6040b01bd5fed 700

Image credits: tanzoo88

#60 My Daughter Got A Camera For A Birthday. One Of The First Things She Did With It Was To Barge In The Bathroom And Take A Pic Of Me Taking A Dump

funny parenting kids 741 603f9c036b8c9 700

Image credits: theard7

#61 I Drew My Dad’s Vasectomy In My Kindergarten Journal

“My dad had operation” if you can’t read the text. Apparently the next parent teacher conference was super awkward.

funny parenting kids 760 604085e7a93b8 700

Image credits: conwpj

#62 Where In The Dad Manual Did It Mention How To Stop A 3-Year-Old From Taking Bites Out Of A Drywall

funny parenting kids 738 603f9a65976c8 700

Image credits: ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa

#63 I Die Basically Every Day

funny parenting kids 774 6040995c73739 700

Image credits: billyjack669

#64 Parenting Achievement

funny parenting kids 307 603f9cab35f03 700

Image credits: bwecht

#65 If My Daughter Keeps Doing Her Own Eye Makeup, Child Protective Services Are Gonna Come Knocking Pretty Soon

5fd1da320c2d9 fs5k9rekqyc41 700

Image credits: TheTonz

#66 Bon Appetit

funny parenting kids 319 6040acba19f43 700

Image credits: suplyd

#67 My Toddler Daughter Rode On My Shoulders And Touched My Face During Our Last Hike, Grabbing Random Leaves As We Went Along. I’m Highly Allergic To Poison Ivy

funny parenting kids 732 603f8e7095a2f 700

Image credits: butteredbuttbiscuit

#68 Getting Ready

funny parenting kids 749 603fa88c7f9b0 700

Image credits: gooooats

#69 The Pain

1309350410956623872 png 700

Image credits: belac46

#70 The Incident Report My Buddy Got From His Daughter’s Daycare

funny parenting kids 769 60408e5764c61 700

Image credits: heyskellington

#71 “Will You Please Come Check My Campfire?”

1353332844467281922 png 700

Image credits: MegRoughley

#72 Daughter Helped Me Wash My Car But With A Rock

5fb3911b9668d FMv84aK 700

Image credits: rentalanimal

#73 My Daughter’s Favorite Way To Cool Me Off After A Long Run On A Hot Day

funny parenting kids 712 60097bd2d2f6d 700

Image credits: SleepWouldBeNice

#74 My 11-Month-Old Son Just Hit Me In The Face With His Toy And Broke My Tooth In Half

funny parenting kids 731 603f8d289ad0f 700

Image credits: halfgermanreject

#75 Thanks, Nickelodeon Slime

funny parenting kids 739 603f9adfed67f 700

Image credits: the-artful-bodger

#76 Prepare An Emergency Entrance

1363563931789369346 png 700

Image credits: Adamhill1212

#77 My 6 Year Old Left Me A Few Cookies. This Is Some Real Jerk Stuff If I’ve Ever Seen It

603777bad2d82 co3i2czkysm31 700

Image credits: Legitimate_Island_95

#78 My Brother, I Don’t Even Know How He Got Here

Image credits: MifiBox

#79 When Life Gives You Lemons

1194625894360465408 png 700

Image credits: Jamberee13

#80 Daughter Said, “I’m Saving The Rest For Dad”

funny parenting kids 713 60097c1a02ff8 700

Image credits: Wonder0486

#81 Kid Chugs A1 Steak Sauce

1081284936865329153 png 700

Image credits: JennMGreenberg

#82 Saw This On Facebook

Image credits: Nien-Eleven

#83 A Photo Of Me When I Was Like 1, When I Went Back In The Bathtub In My Pajamas As It Was Draining After My Mom Got Me Ready For Bed

5ca6070f93e56 1115iaeyywp21 700

Image credits: GenoMan64

#84 Kids Are So Pure

1297101028303699968 png 700

Image credits: anitathetweeter

#85 Found This Masterpiece On Youtube

funny parenting kids 778 60409e2c5c1db 700

Image credits: Scarer333_TY

#86 He Made His Own Mr Potato Head, Got Terrified, Cried And Couldn’t Look. Oh Dear

5cbef5aec3ea6 nssckoobwzc21 700

Image credits: Parther05

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#87 Looks Like Someone Left Their Kid Alone With A Sharpie

Image credits: l3El2Tl2AM

#88 What An Idea To Slow Down Others

1343725757743460352 png 700

Image credits: 5xfail

#89 My Kid Was Playing Workshop While I Fixed The Garage Door Yesterday. Super Glad I Checked My Shoe Before Putting It On

funny parenting kids 754 603fadbab3b2c 700

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#90 Koolaid

5fc9f449d8d3c 09s317cnj5e51 700

Image credits: tenpercentbeef

#91 I Have No Words

1329944593635311622 png 700

Image credits: paulbfrandsen

#92 These Are The Crystals My 6-Year-Old Daughter Made And Insisted I Keep In My Coat Pocket

I was reminded they were in my coat during my visit to the city-county building to take care of some business permitting after emptying my pockets into the tray.

funny parenting kids 705 600959a6768ce 700

Image credits: whittyjustin

#93 My 1.5 Year Old Breaking Down Because I Won’t Allow Him To Eat The Diaper Rash Cream Before Bed Time

6037779dead6d euglqib4i5i61 700

Image credits: blank_wav

#94 Father To A 5-Year Old. Glad I Made The Cut

6038a32584e16 bqgupdt9y2i61 700

Image credits: cvernie

#95 Please Tell Me There’s A Way To Get Gold Metallic Sharpie Off An iMac. Wish I Was Asking For A Friend

funny parenting kids 796 604b7c6db719b 700

#96 Parenting – When You Are Constantly Preventing Your Kid From Doing Dangerous Things (Like Sticking Their Fingers In A Floor Electrical Outlet)

This toddler had a full-blown meltdown about it while her dad continued his conversation, put his foot over the outlet, and didn’t skip a single beat.

funny parenting kids 767 60408cb0eacc4 700

Image credits: TheRebelStardust

#97 The Moment Before I Was Hit With My Son’s New Drone

5fcf3d5eecdfd drvjjg1vmdi41 700

Image credits: NoraRose_86

#98 Family Photo Session. Thought It Would Be Cute If I Looked Up At My Son

funny parenting kids 726 600a7b8632a8a 700

Image credits: mikeytwocakes

#99 My 3 Year Old Angry Because The Beavers Keep Chomping On The Tree

603774c4d3a94 t5Oyt2G 700

Image credits: Juan911411

#100 I Am Really Unsure On How This Happened. No Scream Or Anything

I just walk into my room to find her hanging there unable to get herself down. So naturally, I took a picture.

5ca5a40dad409 t JG PIiPwHsl3q9os KOM5eJvZIHu51qMb3vDeO20 700

Image credits: topsey_kretts

#101 This Is 3 Year Old Me, Do I Need To Go Into Detail?

funny parenting kids 304 603f99fd9004c 700

Image credits: RiboEon

#102 Opened The Fridge To Find Out My 3-Year-Old Decided To Help Me Putting The Eggs In It

5fc9fd1d8e63d 2g6ze301k2v51 700

Image credits: Khristynna

#103 So I Found My 9-Year-Old’s “Lost” Yoshi Toy In My Freezer

funny parenting kids 762 60408736ac3be 700

Image credits: d8ms

#104 My Kid Won’t Eat Her Eggs Because They Have “Dark Spots”. Yeah, That’s The Fork

5fc8fda430d86 f79tw2rv4sn51 700

Image credits: thisissixsyllables

#105 My Almost 5-Year-Old Son. I’m Speechless

Image credits: imgur.com

#106 Just Want To Thank My Daughter For Putting Cat Toys In My Pocket While I Was Making Her Breakfast And Not Noticing Until I Got To Work

funny parenting kids 752 603fab0709112 700

Image credits: timboh

#107 I Don’t Think He Will Be Trusted With Technology For A While

funny parenting kids 756 603faef6e8645 700

Image credits: MemeSupremacy

#108 Too Late For Birth Control

funny parenting kids 308 603f9da6277c4 700

Image credits: ajcthefunksonme

#109 Have Kids They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said

funny parenting kids 312 603fab6685d1c 700

#110 Took My 5 And 7 Year Old Fishing Today. Here’s A Graph Depicting My Experience

5fd1f5844c203 gtpz48grbx251 png 700

Image credits: w1122334455

#111 My Daughter Was Left Alone With Some Makeup. Turns Out We My Wife Birthed An Oompa Loompa

5ca5a412ca9c1 mmz00crte6k21 700

Image credits: Dr-Vader

#112 My Son Busted His Lip And Our Bathroom Looked Like Someone Had Been Murdered

5cb5cf8063424 sl7k90qjr7j21 700

Image credits: chacha1979

#113 Lockdown Day 17. In Case Anyone Is Wondering How Us Parents Are Doing, This Is My 3 Years Old Cleaning His Potty With My Toothbrush

Image credits: Ka3de

#114 This Basically Sums Up Traveling With Our Toddler. Merry Christmas

funny parenting kids 766 60408ab4781a4 700

Image credits: bp_free

#115 I’ve Just Been Told The Cats Did This

5f8d4a2db5080 8yheu156pnt51 700

Image credits: KarlKlebstoff

#116 A Facebook Post From My Mom 10 Years Ago

5fc8b66165b77 9tnu39e6ogu51 700

Image credits: bluekoopa52

#117 Kid Took A Single Bite Out Of All The Apples

Image credits: DrugRxchJR

#118 I Tried Giving Our Daughter Her First Shoulder Ride

funny parenting kids 724 600984cc0801f 700

Image credits: theobro

#119 Rotten Milk Bombs

funny parenting kids 314 6040971c29b3d 700

Image credits: IjeomaOluo

#120 My Kids Have Disabled My Ipod For 45 Years

Image credits: CFearon615

#121 Yep, All That Couch Needed Was Some Chocolate Glaze

6038ec345d0a8 wnc4tsC 700

#122 Woof Woof

funny parenting kids 303 603f987432dbc 700

Image credits: lisahayford

#123 Jumping On The Kids With Controllers And Rage Issues Bandwagon. Found This In The Game Room A Month Or So Ago, Compliments Of My 5-Year-Old

5fc8ecdae5a87 wo3lclnahqj51 700

Image credits: bwags123

#124 “Sorry, You Lost By 1, Dad. My Battleship Was On Land”

funny parenting kids 703 60095440c5cce 700

Image credits: foogama

#125 Not Sure Who Is More Dumb, My Kids For Not Shutting The Door, Or Me For Not Making Sure It Got Shut

funny parenting kids 704 600954e857fb1 700

Image credits: aldidog

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#126 When It’s Monday And Your Kid Switches Your Hard Boiled Eggs With Your Raw Eggs

funny parenting kids 315 60409c49b8c70 700

Image credits: d1g_n1nga

#127 He Does Not Want Me To Take His “Sticker” Away. At Least It Might Absorb The Tears

BScfNhOFyqg png 700

Image credits: dazeyreign

#128 My Sensitive Daughter

funny parenting kids 321 6040b1de6dda4 700

Image credits: than004

#129 Do You Cry Or Laugh? Or Both? I Will Be Removing All Writing Utensils From My Home After Seeing This Photo Today

funny parenting kids 309 603fa5cdc45ff 700

#130 You Leave To Clean Up One Mess Just To Come Back And Find An Even Bigger One

funny parenting kids 318 6040ab9f0b313 700

#131 Hard Pick. She Took Her Diaper Off And Got In My Pants While I Peed

funny parenting kids 100 5fe090f5411dd 700

#132 My 3-Year-Old Son Found My Wallet When I Was Cooking During Arts And Crafts Time

600987a2c0276 lcse515if6751 700

Image credits: uglyassdude

#133 Well, Just Finished Building A LEGO Set With My Oldest Son. His Younger Brother Then Grabs Part Of The Set, Runs Outside, And Drops It Down The Sewer Vent

60099a8812521 kta4mn9imj861 700

Image credits: Successful_Raisin_48

#134 My 2 Year Old Put Chicken Nuggets In Her Bubble Gum Machine Within An Hour Of Receiving It

5cb5cddcd8ff5 hniwmhk9qaa21 700

Image credits: Aubrey_82

#135 Had A Really Nice Walk With My 19-Month-Old Today

funny parenting kids 768 60408d4a8b59c 700

Image credits: creesep33

#136 I Think That The Kid Did A Great Job

funny parenting kids 775 60409aedde393 700

Image credits: Klovie4o4

#137 Atta Boy

funny parenting kids 771 604091eb9750b 700

Image credits: nplbmf

#138 This Time We Wouldn’t Let Him Swim In The Sea. He Can’t Swim & It’s 6 Degrees. I Know, We’re Awful

Br755KSg Q9 png 700

Image credits: mrslargebuttocks

#139 My 2.5 Year Old Son Decided Today Of All Days To Start Throwing Things In The Toilet! There Goes His College Fund

5f87071f810b4 1s2kj9f0own41 700

Image credits: shlomo127

#140 Homeschool Is Going Well

funny parenting kids 773 6040953b4f669 700

Image credits: cohen14722

#141 Over Two Months Of Laundry Has Generated Thirty-Two Unmatched Socks

5fb3a743a262a 4jc0ks45pei51 700

Image credits: colemanjanuary

#142 Gotta Love That Preteen Angst

5fc8f14b9c3c3 goy7v2cdck451 700

Image credits: onebigicecreamsundae

#143 My Sister Was Having Some Difficulties While Taking A Walk

Image credits: Elithehappyguy

#144 My 8 Year Old Nephew

funny parenting kids 305 603f9b6ab5429 700

Image credits: The_Spitting_Llama

#145 A Different Kind Of Stupid

1280486518524506112 png 700

Image credits: LinzDeFranco

#146 Flamingo

1358599122329079811 png 700

Image credits: chelseaperetti

#147 Just Play Along, You Silly

1228443014076477440 png 700

Image credits: JOSH_BENNY

#148 Mom Finally Found Her Ipod 5 After A Year. Turns Out My Brother Got A Hold Of It And Was Trying To Guess The Password This Entire Time

5fce2f3e160a1 8hoejfmamls51 700

Image credits: boot_sector

#149 What It’s Like Having A Toddler

funny parenting kids 716 60097d933d765 700

Image credits: Amsel333

#150 My 3.5 Year Old Ran Inside To Go To The Bathroom, But Apparently Took A Detour For A Fistful Of Brownies

There’s literally a handprint in the middle of the pan.

6038fafd16134 ss292nghnor41 700

Image credits: TheTonz

#151 “Let Me Do It!”

funny parenting kids 765 604089f0ec97a 700

Image credits: jefflowen

#152 My Son Superglued This Outside Our Bathroom. What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do

5cb5cf9611633 46w9o07403d21 700

Image credits: KushGator

#153 Am I The Only One Who Can’t Figure Out How To Shower With A Toddler?

funny parenting kids 317 6040a8896e636 700

#154 A Lot Of Masterpieces Can Be Made In 20 Minutes Unsupervised

His mural wrapped all the way around and behind me. He was so proud, I just couldn’t be mad. PS: blue chalk stains stucco.

funny parenting kids 770 60408f6c07e03 700

Image credits: katielynnephotos

#155 The Joys Of Parenting

funny parenting kids 772 604093c08ab3a 700

Image credits: Fretzo

#156 Best Place To Put The Switch To Charge

60094d37a0079 4hstiv9ra6961 700

Image credits: future_lard

#157 My Son Said He Was Trying To Throw The Remote Onto The TV Stand

funny parenting kids 720 6009818044ca7 700

Image credits: wookiebish

#158 We Are Working On Potty Training Our Son. I Left Him Alone For A Few Minutes In His Room And He Peed In The Humidifier Through The Tube

60098a86603bd lgqvuc3vt6051 700

Image credits: Kattsu-Don

#159 “You Can Relax, Dad. I’m Making Spaghetti For Dinner”

60379ade2898d quzrh9ijdrh61 700

Image credits: highBrowMeow

#160 What Am I Doing Here Again

1292106567186362370 png 700

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#161 How My Son Left My Socket Set

60097157e9450 fi4zg1bhrzj51 700

Image credits: chadnorman

#162 Our Attempt At Painting With A Toddler Present

This happened today.  Leaving the room for a few minutes with a gallon of paint on the table was a huge mistake. This is why we can’t have anything nice (for now).

6038f5251f443 CzaT0Z1 700

Image credits: Bigsteve87

#163 My Four-Year-Old Made Himself A Cheese Sandwich. Shaking My Head

funny parenting kids 776 60409c164d4a0 700

Image credits: Cheines

#164 Accidentally Roasting Her Mother

1359194634195402753 png 700

Image credits: ThisOneSayz

#165 Daughter Decided To Toast Her Crackers In The Heater And Not Tell Me About It For A Couple Years

funny parenting kids 764 604088d182da5 700

Image credits: yesyoucantouchthat

#166 Who Could Have Done This?

60377d1e545f3 TzF2GHg 700

Image credits: mr_rodgers_hood

#167 I Am Superman

funny parenting kids 777 60409d5802b51 700

#168 Poor Kid

1250541475374522374 png 700

Image credits: HereComesCunty