13 Really Horrible Tales From Individuals Who Used To Be Trapped In A Cult

Tina Fey, creator and star of NBC’s 30 Rock, has a brand new present on Netflix known as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The sitcom options the titular younger lady attempting to rehabilitate herself after dwelling in an apocalyptic-obsessed cult for 15 years.

Like all Tina Fey tasks, Kimmy Schmidt is reliably humorous and unusually hopeful, regardless of the darkish material. Sadly, really being in a cult may not be such a barrel, as you will notice from these real-life accounts revealed on Reddit by actual cult survivors. The accounts are graphic, and will function warnings that cults are very actual and really harmful.

01938: “I need everybody to know that, [yeah], it was fucking loopy, but it surely all appeared so actual. It WAS going to occur. We believed it with each breath we took and in each pulse we had.”



The Harold Tenting cult was notorious for predicting the tip of the world (and subsequently being fallacious about it). Their chief, Harold Tenting, died in 2013 at 92 years of age.

EasternShieldMaiden: “I used to be made to take a seat within the entrance and the ‘pastor’ was conducting the service particularly for me. I noticed it after I seemed round and noticed that everybody was me. I felt like I used to be in a horror film. Vast eyed, silent stares.”

EasternShieldMaiden: "I was made to sit in the front and the 'pastor' was conducting the service specifically for me. I realized it when I looked around and saw that everyone was looking at me. I felt like I was in a horror movie. Wide eyed, silent stares."


This account is from a Reddit consumer who was a Malaysian trade pupil dwelling with a household in Missouri in 2006. The household turned out to be a part of a Christian cult, forcing her to attend their “prayer washes” and locking her in room for her “un-pure” actions. When the trade program got here to rescue her, the relations had been within the midst of burning all of her belongings.

Leapercolony: “When my brother and I did talk about that point a lot afterward, he informed me that he wasn’t even allowed to reside with our mother—and he was simply 3 years previous after we separated! I can’t even think about how unhappy he will need to have felt to be taken from his complete household at such a younger age.”

Leapercolony: "When my brother and I did speak about that time much later on, he told me that he wasn't even allowed to live with our mom—and he was just 3 years old when we separated! I can't even imagine how sad he must have felt to be taken from his entire family at such a young age."


The particular person’s mom joined Tony Alamo’s non secular cult when he was very younger. His mother and father had been divorced, however when his father realized his mom’s new pals had been a part of a cult that kidnapped youngsters, he took custody of his son. The consumer’s half-brother wasn’t so fortunate.

Newcycl: “For the women…they’d it worse. He would persuade each they’d a intercourse downside (i.e. idolatry), and he would proceed to sexually abuse them.”



This consumer was homeschooled within the doctrine of a small cult (30 folks). He managed to flee, however his mother and father are nonetheless in it. He says a relationship with them is “in all probability unimaginable.”

forever_gaijin: “Their chief genuinely believes that he’s Jesus, so he’s spreading his seed (having children with as many ladies as potential). Their perception is that ladies are nothing however wombs…”



This consumer’s sister was in a cult that was a Rastafarian offshoot in South Africa. The chief wedded and impregnated a number of girls and abused them. Kids had been forbidden to be hospitalized for concern that they might take a look at optimistic for marijuana. Two of them died from diarrhea earlier than the lady left.

cultchildthrowaway: “The cult chief was a person who believed that spirituality was intently tied to sexual freedom, and that even younger youngsters must be having sexual experiences.”



At it’s strongest, this late ’70s cult had over 200 members, however was ultimately shut down as a result of drug costs and allegations of sexual abuse. cultchildthrowaway says that even after 20 years, it’s too traumatizing for him to speak to his household.

MrMonitorMoniker: “The constructing itself was in horrible form—infested with rats and cockroaches. I might get up at evening to search out mouse droppings in my sheets.”



This account is from a girl who, at 17, joined an evangelical Christian in cult in Chicago. She was exiled for growing a crush on a one other lady.

gatorpower: “Lots of issues appeared to emphasize her out greater than it might different folks. She had issues with actuality. Typically, it made her very moody and unpredictable. There was one thing off about her. It was tragic.”



This account from a pal of somebody who had been in a cult reveals the psychological toll the brainwashing course of will be even for individuals who have lengthy escaped their group.

nein_danke: “To this present day, it’s nonetheless troublesome to persuade myself that it’s OK to have a agency opinion with out asking another person whether or not it’s alright for me to do this. I left after I was fifteen, and I’m now thirty-five.”



Once more, being in a cult has intense psychological penalties.

ellveeghs: “Quick ahead about 10 years and my dad pulls out a neighborhood paper exhibiting the previous ‘chief’ and his girlfriend who had been having intercourse with and raping a 16-year-old lady (they had been of their 40s, I imagine).”

ellveeghs: "Fast forward about 10 years and my dad pulls out a local paper showing the old 'leader' and his girlfriend who were having sex with and raping a 16-year-old girl (they were in their 40s, I believe)."


This consumer’s mother and father joined a cult when she was very younger. Fortunately, they left earlier than issues received out of hand.

bluelev: “One time, my brother befriended a black particular person at college and my dad bodily assaulted the father or mother of the black child. He was charged with assault and battery, and now he has left the Klan. Nicely, that’s what he tells me. I haven’t seen him in 2 years.”

bluelev: "One time, my brother befriended a black person at school and my dad physically assaulted the parent of the black kid. He was charged with assault and battery, and now he has left the Klan. Well, that's what he tells me. I haven't seen him in 2 years."


His father was within the KKK. He might or might not nonetheless be within the group.

Julie6100: “The worst factor about being within the cult was not having the ability to communicate what was in our hearts. The liberty to behave and communicate in the best way we personally really feel is essential and has been a ravishing expertise.”

Julie6100: experience. src=”https://d2r8r0qhs4bt8m.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/18160631/desktop-1426525518.jpg” class=” lazy”>


From a mom who escaped a cult with all of her youngsters. The fallout from the cult ruined her marriage, and the emotional results are extreme, however she says it’s price it to have the ability to seek for the “actual fact.”

The_Amazing_Chode: “Years later in highschool, I met a childhood church pal who informed me that the church grew to become a cult and my dad just about claimed that he was God…I’m so grateful I had a powerful and loving mom who raised me proper.”

The_Amazing_Chode: "Years later in high school, I met a childhood church friend who told me that the church became a cult and my dad pretty much claimed that he was God...I'm so thankful I had a strong and loving mother who raised me right."


The church this consumer was in satisfied his father to go away his mom. The 2 had been exiled, but it surely looks like it was for one of the best.

It’s a tribute to the writing employees of Unbreakable that they cope with Kimmy’s cult-induced trauma realistically, but nonetheless make the present hilarious and sunny. This was no simple job, given the darkness that surrounds a few of these tales. It’s nonetheless unimaginable to listen to these folks’s grim and gritty tales, and superb to listen to simply how they’re not concerned in such horrible organizations.

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