12 things you didn’t know about Internet Explorer

1. The only time you are allowed to use Internet Explorer is when you’re downloading Chrome or Mozilla.

2 Microsoft CEO will personally apologize to the last remaining Internet Explorer user.

3 internet explorer trollInternet Explorer 10 will allow you to download Google Chrome up to 5 times faster.

4 Best news of all: “Internet Explorer” does NOT work on Apple Macintosh.

5 If Monday was a browser, it would be Internet Explorer.

6 That awkward moment when you accidentally click on Internet Explorer & you have to wait for it to load so you can close it again.

7 Internet Explorer has to make a commercial to get people to use it even though it’s already automatically installed in every pc.

8 Turtle: nothing is slower than me. Snail: are you sure? How about Internet Explorer?

9 Internet Explorer: The best browser for downloading another browser.

10.Internet Explorer continues to blow me away with its speed and ease of use. said no one, ever.

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11.If Internet Explorer were a cyber-criminal…It would hack its own account and forget the password

12.Why is Internet Explorer a popular browser?The global fan base of Justin Bieber never realized they could type in more than Bieber’s name into a keyboard.

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