100% true, 100% ineffective FACTS

  • There are extra airplanes within the ocean than there are in outer area.
  • In 1994, the US Air Power performed a examine on easy methods to make a “homosexual bomb,” which might be a non-lethal bomb containing robust human sexual pheromones that may distract the enemy forces by making them attracted to one another.
  • Should you packed your entire human inhabitants into ten sq. meters, you’ll die.
  • Peanuts are one of many substances in dynamite.
  • Snails can sleep for as much as three years.
  • There’s an island off the coast of India the place the Sentinelese tribe lives—a Stone Age group that also doesn’t know how to make hearth and assaults any fashionable folks that land on the island.
  • There are round 1,584 folks in america named “Seven”.
  • If two equivalent twins reproduce with one other pair of equivalent twins, then the kids will genetically be each siblings and cousins.
  • Killing a panda in China is punishable by dying.
  • Rainbows that type at night time are known as “moonbows.”
  • McDonalds calls frequent patrons of their meals “heavy customers.”
  • Most individuals stroll the gap of 3 times around the globe in a single lifetime.
  • POWs in Canadian army camps throughout WWII had been handled so properly, that a whole lot of them didn’t wish to go away as soon as the battle was over.
  • There’s an city legend that Finland banned Donald Duck comics for “nudity” as a result of Donald doesn’t put on pants.
  • The toothpaste model Colgate™ has bother promoting in sure Latin Spanish-speaking nations because it appears like “colgáte” or “cuélgate” in sure dialects, translating to grasp your self.
  • Should you minimize off a cockroach’s head, it’s going to survive as a result of it’s mind is situated inside its physique.
  • Each planet within the photo voltaic system is known as after a god whenever you bear in mind the truth that “Gaia” and “Terra” are alternate names for Earth.
  • When ATMs had been first invented, many individuals thought they had been failures as a result of the one folks utilizing them had been gamblers and prostitutes who didn’t wish to communicate with tellers.
  • There are sufficient bones within the human physique to make an entire skeleton.
  • Yearly, cows kill extra folks than sharks do.
  • Human contraception capsules work on gorillas.

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