10 World’s worst burglary attempts

10 worlds worst burglary attempts
10 worlds worst burglary attempts

1.Criminal breadcrumbs


burglary in progress

burglary in progress

A burglar in Melbourne outdid himself when he left a trail of uncanny clues along his route as he broke into homes, cars and offices. This crim was only just on his way home after being released from the police station, when he was at it again with the breaking and entering. Although this time he really dropped the ball – and by ball, I mean possessions. He broke into one home where he dropped his police charge sheet, before moving on to another, where he dropped the DVD of his police interview. Police had no trouble identifying a definite suspect for the crimes.

2.Airtight alibi

An unfortunate man in Belgium was arrested and questioned as a suspect of a jewellery store robbery in Liege. The man surprised police when he responded with a perfectly legitimate alibi: he couldn’t have robbed the jewellery store because he was breaking into a local school at the same time. Much to his dismay and regardless of his alibi, the man was arrested. Apparently he didn’t steal any educational material during his rendezvous at the local school.

3.Guilty as charging

A burglar in Washington was arrested after he left his phone on charge at the home he broke into. The man was disturbed while rifling through the shiny things and jumped out of a window to escape. In the rush of it all, he left his charging phone behind. Police were pleasantly surprised to find the criminal’s charging phone. When he was subsequently arrested for ten burglaries, we’re sure he realised the enormity of his stupid decision.

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4.Sleeping beauty

A Malaysian burglar broke into a residence while the occupants were out for the evening. It seems he was feeling a little sleepy and decided to have a quick nana nap. His beauty sleep was rudely interrupted, however, when the occupants returned home the following morning to find him asleep on their couch. Always remember the value of a good night’s sleep before a hard day’s work!

5.Facebook distracts workers

A man in Pennsylvania broke into a house, stole two diamond rings and logged onto his Facebook account from the home owner’s computer – because checking his notifications just couldn’t wait. The homeowner returned home to find she had been burgled and also to find a stranger’s Facebook account still open on her computer. The burglar was quickly identified and arrested. There ain’t no Facebook in prison.

6.Not a sharp move

A burglar in Hungary climbed into the window of a house when he was confronted by a sword-wielding Olympic fencer. The 23-year-old fencing champion was practicing some dangerous tricks when she noticed the burglar climbing through her window. Within seconds and a few swift slashes of her sword, the burglar was pinned against the wall with a blade pressed against his throat. The burglar was arrested and treated for shock.

7.Drinking on the job

A burglar in South Africa was clearly satisfied with his work when he escaped from a home with heaps of stolen money and jewellery. Too excited not to celebrate, the burglar popped a bottle of champagne and indulged in some sweet bubbly. After one too many glugs, he parked on the side of the road to sleep off the champers. Hours later, police spotted a man slumped in front of the steering wheel of his car. Concerned for his well-being, they knocked on the window of the car to wake him, only to find the burglar and the stolen goods. Oh – and he was also charged for drunk driving.

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8.Hot property

A man had broken into a home in Sydney when the occupants returned unexpectedly. The burglar climbed up a manhole and hid in a cavity of the roof for two hours. As the 40®C heat beat down on the tin roof, it continued to grow hotter and hotter, until the poor burglar couldn’t take it anymore. He fainted from the heat and crashed through the ceiling, landing face down on the hardwood floor, groaning with pain. The man was arrested and taken to hospital with a broken wrist.

9.Are you here about the burglary?

A man in England had been let out of prison early, subject to certain conditions. Upon his release, he broke into a home and stole several items. The next day, when police knocked on his door for a routine check regarding his living conditions, he greeted police with an unexpected question: ‘Are you here about the burglary?’ The stunned police officers couldn’t believe it. He assumed he had been caught out and proceeded to offer up all the information regarding his antics from the night before.

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Thankfully, the police were able to apprehend these burglars – with a little help from their own ineptitude. But not all burglars are this stupid. It is unlikely that any of the above homes would have been burgled if the homeowners had installed Crimsafe security screens and doors.

10. Read the signs

On 29 July 2007, two burglars thought the prime target in North Richland Hills, Texas, would be a store that sells personal home-defense security systems and accessories. In their defense, they managed to stuff over $10,000 worth of surveillance equipment, mostly security cameras and house alarms, into a couple of trash cans in only 1 minute and 15 seconds. All while being recorded by 17 security cameras of the same make and model as the ones they were stealing. There were no less than 12 warning signs across the front of the store advising criminals that, among other things, “someone besides Jesus is watching you, and neither that someone nor Jesus is going to be happy if you break the law.”

There was at least one very good vantage point of their getaway car, including the license plate, which was not stolen, but registered in one of their names. The police tracked them down to one of their homes two days later, a Monday, because on Sunday, the day after their robbery, the police were hampered by too many car accidents to rush the investigation. They still pled “not guilty.”

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