10 Of The Creepiest Issues Individuals Have Discovered Whereas Taking A Stroll By means of The Woods

A random doll head.

Have you ever ever stumbled upon one thing creepy whereas taking a stroll by way of the woods?

Most individuals take walks within the wilderness to chill out and luxuriate in nature. Nevertheless, as we discovered on Reddit, you by no means know what you’re going to seek out once you stray from society. Deep within the woods are all kinds of creepy and unexplained sights simply ready to be found.

Listed below are 10 of the creepiest issues folks have discovered within the woods. The tales are advised in their very own phrases, so don’t blame us if you happen to can’t sleep tonight!

1. A random doll head.

A random doll head.

Reddit / myxomatosist

“It was proper in the midst of a brief path. No rubbish or something round it. And no different doll items had been close to it. It was like somebody needed somebody to seek out it. And the very subsequent day it was gone.”

2. A useless horse surrounded by destructive movie strips.

A dead horse surrounded by negative film strips.


(by way of Reddit / orilykid)

“I used to be backpacking in Yellowstone above the tree line at about 10,500 ft. We’re climbing on a ridge above a lake when all of the sudden we come throughout a horse cranium. No physique simply the cranium, fairly cool wanting. We get to our campsite not too distant from the lake close to the place we discovered the horse cranium. Once we climb all the way down to the lake we discover the physique of the horse rotting on the sting of the lake with with destructive movie strips floating within the water and mendacity across the shore close to the physique.”

3. A statue with gold nipples.

A statue with gold nipples.

Reddit / rowsdower03

“She regarded ghostly…She was sporting nothing however rain boots and her nipples had been painted gold…We began in search of one thing to take with us for a trinket that may go unnoticed and scrounged round for a couple of minutes earlier than I observed a bit of bark…On it was a really detailed image of a vagina and written in black it stated ‘Searching for 40+ yr outdated fashions.’”

4. The stays of a canine.

The remains of a dog.

Reddit / HarbingerOfNihility

“Went for a stroll within the woods with my girlfriend and located the stays of a canine…We thought it was a small deer at first as the 2 components had been separate, we regarded for extra components and located a part of the cranium and the decrease half with the pelvis (which is damaged within the image). Round then we realized it must be one thing else because the rib, pelvic cranium and limb construction don’t match a deer in any respect. We simply took a bunch of images and labeled it as a canine.”

5. A bronze masks.

A bronze mask.

Reddit / sanka

“So I used to be out fossil looking final weekend once I occurred upon one thing…unusual…I do not know what to make of it. Possibly somebody tossed an outdated artwork mission down there. Possibly somebody stole it off a statue. I actually do not know. It seems prefer it’s been down there for some time. The brow design, mouth and one of many ear/strap holes have been sealed shut by thinly melted copper, and sand concretions. There are nonetheless some small holes in them. There’s fairly a little bit of sand concretions on the face of the masks too.”

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6. A bloody backpack.

A bloody backpack.


(by way of Reddit / Estrad7)

“I as soon as discovered a bloody backpack and a termite infested e-book close by. Clearly somebody had left this right here for a really very long time contemplating the quantity of termite injury. I picked the backpack as much as see what was inside it and I noticed that it left an indentation within the pine straw beneath. Contained in the backpack was a mint situation pocket book and a decaying binder. I left to inform my dad and mom in regards to the discovery. Once we acquired there, the objects had been simply gone. It was just like the backpack was by no means even there. There was no indentation left within the floor and there have been no termites in any respect. My footprints had been nonetheless there, however there weren’t some other footprints wherever.”

7. A startling confession.

A startling confession.

Reddit / Milani16

“Went for a stroll by way of the woods in the present day and found this…”

8. Lengthy-lost gravestones.

Long-lost gravestones.

Reddit / evilevilevilsongs

“Whoever it was died on the age of 34. The epitaph was: ‘Beneath this stone right here lies a youth Whose soul was goodness and whose coronary heart was fact Cropp’t like a flower she witherd in her bloom, Although flattering life had promis’d years to come back. The years she liv’d, in advantage’s paths she trod, However now her spirit soars to fulfill its God. In realms of bliss, the place Joys everlasting reign, Devoid of care and uncontrol’d by ache.’”

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9. A deer carcass raining blood.

A deer carcass raining blood.


(by way of Reddit / JFRHorton)

“Some faculty mates and I had been climbing in backcountry Maine, fairly deep within the woods. One lady talked about she felt it begin raining, however when she wiped the raindrop off, it was blood. We regarded as much as see the again half of a deer that had been stashed by a mountain lion. One if its hind legs had been severed, and was hanging by the achilles tendon on a decrease department.”

10. A useless physique.

A dead body.

Reddit / spectracular

“Whereas on a stroll exploring some woods in a park I found a really useless homeless man. I say very useless as a result of he was already decomposed fairly a bit. I used to be about 12 and I acquired scared so I didn’t name the police or inform my dad and mom. I really really feel fairly unhealthy about that now. The odor was atrocious, I’ve but to odor one other odor so horrific.”

Yikes! These tales are all the explanation I want to remain inside and watch Netflix without end.



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