10 Of Archie Bunker’s Most Politically Incorrect Feedback

10 Of Archie Bunker’s Most Politically Incorrect Comments

The TV sequence All within the Household ran on CBS from 1971 to 1979. The notorious Archie Bunker, so brilliantly portrayed by Carroll O’Connor, had an opinion about everybody and all the pieces.

In in the present day’s hyper-politically appropriate cancel tradition, most (if not all) of Archie’s feedback would instantly go viral, with offended events decrying the remarks and other people shedding jobs left, proper, and heart . . . nicely, largely proper.

However earlier than you’re taking offense at this record of zingers, contemplate director Norman Lear’s motivation behind creating Archie Bunker. Via Archie, Lear was in a position to deliver up subjects that many People thought-about taboo. Archie was bigoted and ignorant and overbearing, however he at all times obtained his comeuppance. The present by no means supposed to make enjoyable of minority teams – it supposed to make enjoyable of Archie’s restricted standpoint.

In letting Archie spout off his tirades, Lear offered a chance for individuals who won’t have had a platform within the early Nineteen Seventies – ladies, black males, homosexuals – to problem Archie’s closed-minded concepts. Think about this: forty-some-odd years earlier than Caitlyn Jenner grew to become massive information, Lear coated the transgender controversy along with his All within the Household viewers (see it here).

So, as you revisit Archie’s bits of “knowledge,” remember that they meant for extra good than hurt.

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10 Archie Bunker on Equal Rights for Ladies

When the Bunker’s neighbor Irene Lorenzo complains that she’s not incomes the identical pay as her male counterparts, though she’s doing the identical work, Archie tries to assist her perceive:

“In spite of everything, it’s a well known proven fact that males are price greater than ladies.” He backs up his logical with, “Within the Bible it says God made man in his personal picture. He made ladies after, from a less expensive minimize.”
When he learns that Irene is making $5.50/hour – the identical wage he’s incomes – Archie is beside himself.
“Equality is unfair… What’s the purpose of a person working laborious all his life, attempting to get someplace, if all he’s gonna do is wind up equal?!”

9 Archie Bunker On Racial Equality

Archie doesn’t need the Jeffersons, a black household, to maneuver to his neighborhood. Daughter Gloria and son-in-law Mike name him out on it, calling him “crooked.”

Archie explains that he’s simply “searching for No. 1,” which makes Mr. Jefferson “No. 2.” Gloria challenges Archie’s logic with, “I suppose the Puerto Ricans are No. 3 then…” to which Archie shortly replies, “Properly, no, not essentially little woman, your Puerto Ricans may very well be 4. Your Japs and your Chinks may very well be 3… 3A, 3B.”

8 Archie Bunker On Vegetarianism

Archie is upset that meat costs have risen eight p.c. Gloria suggests the household contemplate changing into vegetarian, “It’d be cheaper… and more healthy.”

Archie desires no a part of it. “It ain’t pure. Man was placed on this earth to eat meat.” When Mike challenges it, Archie explains, “The Bible says so… all of them outdated Bible folks. They was at all times eatin’ meat, as quickly as they came upon eatin’ apples was flawed… It’s true. On particular events, goats, lambs… whoever heard of sacrificing a head of lettuce?”

7 Archie Bunker On The American Melting Pot

In one more disagreement with Mike and Gloria, Archie gives up his very personal American historical past lesson, reflecting on the fantastic thing about Girl Liberty standing within the harbor along with her torch, screaming out to all of the nations on this planet:

“‘Ship me your poor, your deadbeats, your filthy…’ And all of the nations despatched them in right here – they arrive swarming in like ants: the Spanish P.R.s from the Caribbean, your Japs, your Chinamen, your Krauts and your Hebes and your English fags. All of ’em are available in right here, they usually’re all free to stay in their very own separate sections the place they really feel secure. They usually’ll bust your head if you happen to go in there. That’s what makes America nice, buddy.”

6 Archie Bunker On Slavery

“If God had meant for us all to be collectively, he’d a put us collectively. However look what he achieved: he put you over in Africa and put the remainder of us in all of the white international locations.”
“Properly you need to have instructed him the place we have been ’trigger somebody got here and obtained us,” mentioned Davis, tongue-in-cheek. “I imply, there was work for us… How might you resist? Free transportation, room, board, chains…”
“I believe you’re talkin’ about slavery, there, Sammy, and I wanna inform you I used to be at all times dead-set towards slavery.”

In response, Mike, Gloria, and Lionel Jefferson (a black neighbor) belt out “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

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5 Archie Bunker on Gun Management

Mike had an actual drawback with Archie giving Mike’s son a toy gun as a birthday current.

“You’re not giving Joey a toy gun for his birthday,” mentioned Mike.
“Oh sure I’m, it’s his first modification proper!” retorted Archie.
“The primary modification is the proper to free speech,” Mike replied.
“Precisely! When you’ve got a machine gun in your hand, you’ve got the proper to say no matter you need!”

Archie even appeared on his native TV channel to supply his opinion on how the proper to bear arms can stop skyjacking.

“…I might finish the skyjacking tomorrow. All you gotta do is arm all of your passengers…[the hijacker] ain’t gonna dare to drag out no rod. After which the airways, they wouldn’t have to look the passengers on the bottom no extra. They simply move out the pistols at the start of the journey, they usually decide ’em up once more on the finish. Case Closed.”

4 Archie Bunker On Cavemen

Archie is all labored up as a result of he and Irene Lorenzo are competing for a similar job. Mike reminds him that the federal government is pushing for extra ladies within the workforce. And right here’s what Archie has to say about that.

Archie: “It’s against the law towards nature. Ladies was created for 2 issues: makin’ meals and infants…. It’s true. Take a look at the cave ladies. Why d’ya suppose the cave ladies was created with quick legs and fats butts?”
Mike: “I don’t know Arch, however I’m positive you bought a very good reply.”
Archie: “So that they couldn’t run quick. So the boys might catch ’em and power ’em to make the meals and the infants.”
Mike: “Properly weren’t there any cave ladies with lengthy legs and thin butts that would run quicker than the boys?”
Archie: “Properly them the boys must deliver down with a rock.”
Mike: “Now I’m startin’ to catch on. And what concerning the cave MEN with the quick legs and fats butts that couldn’t catch any ladies?”
Archie: “Properly they was most likely your first fags.”
Mike: “I gotta get outta right here. I’m arguing about cavemen with a caveman.”

3 Archie Bunker On Evolution

In response to Mike’s perception that the story of Creation is nothing however a “fairy story,” Archie reads from the Ebook of Genesis about how God created man and lady.
“There it’s,” he says, tapping the Bible, “in black and white. We didn’t crawl out from below no rocks, we didn’t haven’t any tails, and we didn’t come from monkeys you atheistic pinko meathead.”

2 Archie Bunker on Black Athletes

At their first meal collectively, Archie and his future son-in-law talk about baseball. Mike wonders how a lot Archie has seen in his day, and Archie feedback about how a lot the sport has modified through the years.

“Reside ball. Enlargement golf equipment. And naturally the most important change of all: 1947… yeah, that was the 12 months they let Jackie Robinson into the Majors. Modified the entire complexion of the sport, in additional methods than one.”
Mike calls for to know what Archie means by that. Gloria tries to diffuse the rising pressure.
“It threw the entire recreation outta steadiness lettin’ Robinson in,” continued Archie.
“So that you suppose the inferior black race shouldn’t be given an opportunity towards the superior white race?” demanded Mike?
“Maintain it Mr. Liberal Meathead. I by no means mentioned nuttin’ about your inferior black race…. It’s simply the alternative, if you happen to’d simply let me end…
“What I’m sayin’ is your coloreds, as is well-known, they run quicker, they leap increased, they don’t bruise really easy. And due to their, whaddya name it, jungle heritage, they see higher – it’s nice for night time video games.”
“You realize one thing, Mr. Bunker?” mentioned Mike. “At first, I believed I misjudged you. And I used to be proper: I did misjudge you. You’re much more ignorant than I believed.”

1 Archie Bunker on Opinions

Throughout their very first assembly, Archie and Mike get right into a debate about peaceable protests towards the Vietnam Struggle. Archie serves up his opinion however instantly shuts down Mike when he begins to supply his enter.

“Let me inform you one thing, Mr. Stivic,” Archie tells Mike. “You’re a meathead… useless from the neck up. Meat. Head.”
Mike says that now he understands Archie’s concept of a free nation: Archie is free to say no matter he desires, but when anybody disagrees with him, they’re both thrown into jail or referred to as a ‘meathead.’”

And that, pricey readers, is the place our nation stands in the present day… some 44 years later. Everybody desires to be entitled to voice their opinions, however few wish to entertain the opinions of others. You’ll be able to’t have a dialog when just one facet is allowed to talk.

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