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Top 10 Strangest Coincidences in History

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Sometimes strange and weird things happen that are beyond are control… they defy explanation. Much like these top 10 strange coincidences in history you’re about to see. Much like a great mystery novel, these stories below are quite chilling… Check em out…

When designing the landscape scenes for video game Deus Ex, one of the artists left out a major landmak of the New York City Skyline: the Twin Towers. To cover the flub, the game made up something about a terrorist attack. This game was made in 2000…And many more coincidences

– Deus Ex video game
– Stalin, Hitler, and Franz Josef
– Choked to death by mint
– Heart attacks
– There were only two cars in the state of Ohio in 1895
– A man was killed when he was struck by a taxi
– RMS Carmania
– The license plate number of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car
– Tomb of Tamerlane, a descendent of Genghis Khan

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