Things you suddenly hate when you’re single

You really start to think about those love quotes on stock images your friends in relationships always post. Then you realize they’re completely idiotic and make no sense whatsoever.

When couples comment on each other’s Facebook page all you can think is YOU’RE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! JUST TELL THEM INSTEAD OF MAKING IT

You set up a time to hang out with your friend, but little did you know it was going to be you, your friend, and handsy boyfriend. Great, this is definitely how you wanted to watch Captain Phillips

Grocery shopping sucks because you get to figure out what elaborate meal you’ll prepare to eat alone while standing over your sink.

Every time your mom calls you know the dating topic is going to come up and you’ll have to, once again, explain why you’re single. THAT NEVER GETS OLD.

Sappy love movies make you want to throw a shoe through your TV screen. NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT.

Annoying Things When You're Single
You’re Single Right Now

“Oh there’s an even number of chairs at the main table so all the couples are sitting there? That’s fine. I’d love to sit in a tiny folding chair while eating on a particle board stool known as the kid’s table.”

A big bed is great, but it suddenly feels like an ocean of sad, wrapped in a fitted sheet.

Every time you go to your Facebook one of your exes announces they’re in a relationship. OH GREAT. SO HAPPY FOR YOU. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS AND I HOPE IT WORKS OUT. BRB I’M GOING TO GO DIE.

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Then you hit fury mode when even your ugly friends start dating someone. You love them and you’re happy for them, but come on.

The worst part is when you come to the realization that all you want is the perks of being in a relationship but also keep the freedom you have while you’re single. Is that too much to ask? Yeah, probably.