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The Top 10 Sexual Fetishes in 2020 by Killing Kittens

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Killing Kittens, a company that organises sex parties for pleasure-seeking people (aren’t we all, really?), has revealed the top 10 fetishes in the UK through a new survey. Most are fairly common, but some of them might surprise you.

Top of the list is – unsurprisingly – the big whammy: BDSM – with 16% of people claiming that this is their all-time kink. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Bondage/Discipline/Dominance/Submission/Sadism /Masochism, and so covers quite a few different desires in one.

Runner-up for 2020 is having a foot fetish, which as of last night we also know that Love Island’s Finley Tapp is a fan of.

Meanwhile exhibitionism, restraints, group sex and latex are all tied for third place.

Interestingly, the study also found that 31% of the 405 participants have always known they were into their particular fetish of choice, while 14% said that they discovered it when having fun with a new lover.

Half of those who took part also said they were comfortable openly chatting to friends about their kinks.

BDSM 16%
Feet 5%
Exhibitionism 4%
Restraints 4%
Group Sex 4%
Latex 4%
Shibari Rope 3.5%
Voyeur 3.5%
Leather 3%
Threesome 2.5%