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New South Wales (NSW) has the most liberal legislation on prostitution in Australia, with almost complete decriminalisation, and has been a model for other jurisdictions such as New Zealand. Brothels are legal in NSW under the Summary Offences Act 1988.[36] The main activities that are illegal are:

  • living on the earnings of a prostitute, although persons who own or manage a brothel are exempt

  • causing or inducing prostitution (procuring: Crimes Act s.91A,B)

  • using premises, or allowing premises to be used, for prostitution that are held out as being available for massage, sauna baths, steam baths, facilities for exercise, or photographic studios

  • advertising that a premise is used for prostitution, or advertising for prostitutes

  • soliciting for prostitution near or within view of a dwelling, school, church or hospital

  • engaging in child prostitution (Crimes Act s.91C-F)[37]

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