Game of Thrones – Best Insults

Tit for Tyrion’s Tat Varys: “Cersei has offered a lordship to the man who brings her your head.” Tyrion: “She ought to offer her c—t. Best part of her for the best part of me.” S5E2, “The House of Black and White” Uncurable Disease Bronn: There’s no cure for being a cunt. S2E4, “Garden of … Read moreGame of Thrones – Best Insults

Spelling Bee Jokes and Puns

A child was competing in a spelling bee and was doing quite well, until the moderator said: “your word is ‘inward’ “…. Spelling bee contestant: “N-I-G-G…” Moderator: “Jesus no, stop please! ” Q: Is there a word in the English language that uses all the vowels including “y” ? A: Unquestionablely! Q: What is the … Read moreSpelling Bee Jokes and Puns

How to know you’ve joined a Redneck HMO?


10. Your Viagra prescription includes a Popsicle stick and some duct tape. 9. The only 100% covered expense is embalming. 8. Your Prozac comes in colors and has little “m”s on each pill. 7. Preventive Care Coverage includes “an apple a day”. 6. Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to Goodwill … Read moreHow to know you’ve joined a Redneck HMO?