Pointless questions but they’re brilliant

They’re pointless questions, they’re brilliant, and some of them are all-out hilarious.

Weird questions, weird answers
Weird questions, weird answers

If I dropped a piece of bread, and someone else in China dropped a piece of bread… would that mean the world was a sandwich?

Before cell phones, we never had to ask anyone “Where are you?”

Most of my friends write full sentences in emojis… does that mean that English is reverting back to hieroglyphics?

The only instance where the word “incorrectly” isn’t spelled incorrectly is when you spell it incorrectly. This stresses me out.

The entire population on Mars is made up off robots.

The eagle is the American symbol for freedom… but most of the eagles I’ve seen live in the zoo.

What if a billionaire gave me .01% of his money? My life would change forever. He wouldn’t notice.

Teenagers drive too fast, and old people drive too slow. One of them acts like they are running out of time, and the other acts like they have all the time in the world.

Thinking about joining a gym… I wonder if I could find one that charged me money for every day I don’t go?

Trying to become wealthy by winning the lottery is like trying to commit suicide on a commercial airplane.

Is every potato a mashed potato in my stomach?

Every year that goes by, history class literally becomes harder and longer.

Were there any uncooked lobsters on the Titanic?

Speaking of lobsters, when compared to scorpions, lobsters might as well be mermaids.

Why can’t you text 911? Especially if you’re in a dangerous situation where you can’t make noise.

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Why is a small amount of hair called “hairs”… but a large amount of hair called “hair?”