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A Pakistani Poisoner Accidentally Killed 17 Relatives

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Forced marriages are an unfortunate fact of life for many Pakistani women. Understandably, being forced into life with a man you have no attraction to can cause resentment.

Poisoner Accidentally Killed 17 Relatives
Poisoner Accidentally Killed 17 Relatives

That resentment resulted in tragedy for one family in Multan, a Punjabi city with a population of 4.5 million. A bride in an unhappy forced marriage tried to kill her husband by poisoning his milk. Instead, she managed to kill 17 others.

The accident came about when her husband didn’t drink his milk as usual, and the bride’s mother-in-law used it to make lassi, a yogurt drink, which she served to the entire extended family. Twenty-seven people were hospitalized, with 10 still in serious condition. Among the dead were some of the bride’s immediate relatives.

This case isn’t the worst mass poisoning to hit Multan. Just last year, poisoned sweets managed to kill 33, including five children.

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