Most of the original props for Star Wars were kept in a storage locker in California. Upon completing the film’s post-production, the studio decided they didn’t want to keep paying the rent on the storage unit, so they ordered everything stored there to be discarded. Although some of the props were taken as keepsakes by some of the production crew, most of them were just thrown into dumpsters. However, one of the crew discarding the props, Doug, decided to save a few pieces including the original Death Star prop. Doug proudly kept this on display at his house for roughly a decade, before moving toRead More →

It is a temperature at which atom and light itself behave in highly unusual way. At Wolfgang Ketterle’s lab, MIT, Cambridge. Temperature achieved: −459.67∘F , (810 trillionths of a degree F above absolute zero). It holds the Guinness world record. To get an idea of this temperature, you must know: The coldest Temperature in deep outer space is−455∘F.   The coldest Temperature on Moon is−275∘F. The coldest Temperature on Mars is −243∘F.   Now imagine the chills Wolfgang Ketterle’s lab can give you. The story behind this Ketterle achieved this feat when he was actually trying to create a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). These condensates are formedRead More →

He Will Not Divide Us (HWNDU) is an anti-Trump online performance art project by actor Shia Labeouf . Its basically a live stream of a flag. “Open to all, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, The performance will be live-streamed continuously for four years, or the duration of the presidency. In this way, the mantra “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” acts as a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community.” The flag was placed in an undisclosed location. As soon as the stream started, 4chan trolls were quick to rain onRead More →