No doubt women have their own point of view on man’s logic, but ladies   1. Dress Even though her wardrobe is full of stylish and fashionable clothes and shoes, a woman will still be confused about what to put on. She still can’t get enough of what to wear in the morning. A man, on the contrary, is fine with a pair of shoes and clothes for the whole week. 2. Colors Women are better at differentiating colors than men. While women can easily discern through specific colors and differentiate them, men are only able to see the general colors without really seeing anyRead More →

That the UN logo (which is an “azimuthal, equidistant projection” centered on the North Pole) is an actual map of the Earth. Proof: thousands of ships patrol the southern seas to keep people away from the edge (and to keep people from discovering “the truth”). The distance to circumnavigate Antarctica could easily be checked by a Flat Earth expedition though. The UN map would indicate a distance many, many times longer than the actual distance. That there is no South Pole — proof: compasses point only toward the North Pole. That the oceans are held in by the “ice wall” of the Antarctic. Proof: ifRead More →

This is the most ridiculous story ever! I hope he goes to jail for being ridiculous Instagram model Deyana Mounira showed up for a photo shoot at the home of a guy named Tony Toutouni … who says he’s “Instagram famous.” he have 1.5 million followers. During the photo shoot … Tony says Deyana started playing around with his dog, Hef. According to the lawsuit, Tony’s filed against Deyana … Hef stands about 5′ when on his hind legs, while Deyana goes about 5’6″. As Tony puts it, Deyana “began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him.” TonyRead More →