Creative and Funny Toilet Signs

A growing collection of funny restroom, washroom, bathroom, lavatory and toilet signs. Public restrooms are a necessary evil. No wants to have to use them, but we all feel more comfortable knowing they’re there. No tags for this post. Related posts No related posts.

The power of Lamborghini is amazing, its the best chick magnet

Lamborghini, was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini following World War II, after working as a mechanic, he went into business building tractors from leftover military hardware that had finished being used from the war effort. When the war had ended, he continued and expanded his business of tractor manufacturing, and by the 1950’s it was already … Read moreThe power of Lamborghini is amazing, its the best chick magnet

Arkansas governer application

Application for Arkansas governer First name: ______________________ Last name(if known):______________ Address (where you live):__________________________________________ Mother’s name_____________________ (also relation, i.e., sister) Birthdate(yours):__________________ Father’s name:_____________________ (if known, if not, list choices) Color of neck: Light Red ( ) Medium Red( ) Dark Red ( ) No Neck ( ) Year of pickup truck:_____________ List all that you … Read moreArkansas governer application