The piece in question is an old wooden stall door saved from a train station toilet near Perth. There is a hole cut into it which men would use for anonymous sex. The boss of the Western Australia Museum says its recent acquisition of a Gosnells “glory hole” was not meant to be controversial and was reflective of the institution’s duty to represent the whole community. The donated piece is a train station toilet door with a hole cut into it that was used by gay men in the Perth beat scene for covert sex at a time when homosexuality in Western Australia was illegal.Read More →

He sees a black man sitting casually at the side, and is disgusted by the sight of him. He then waves to the bartender and says, “I’d like to order a beer for everyone here except the black guy.” As everyone else is treated to a beer, he looks back at the black man in hopes of getting a reaction out of him. The black man still sits casually, this time with a smile on his face. Confused and annoyed, the racist man waves again to the bartender and says, “another round for everyone except that same man.” As everyone else enjoys their second beer,Read More →