‘Game Of Thrones’ CollegeHumor had an artificial intelligence program re-write the final episode

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Finally, an ending for Game of thrones that actually makes sense. “My life is rich and powerful. I could do violence to all world. But i am trying to be human.” I think the artifical intelligence is trying to tell us something…

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNFpGU0TODw[/embedyt]

Most of Hodor’s time on the show was the definition of order and then some. He did what was told of him all the time, and occasionally he had no choice. He lived a very orderly existence. However, at the end of the day order is the door that holds back choas like Hodor holding a door with choas on the other side of that door. So yeah, we got to find a balance between Hodor and chaos. Or we need stronger doors.