Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Coca Cola

Coca Cola has dozens of alternative uses, and not just useless things, most of its uses are genuinely useful for gardening, DIY and cleaning etc, and some would argue that all 17 uses listed below are better than actually drinking the stuff! Coca Cola is so useful it is probably worth purchasing a few bottles for some of the other uses…

Coca-Cola lovers will be happy to hear that there are plenty of uses for the soda pop that don’t involve ingesting it
Unusual Uses for Coca-Cola

1. Use Coke as an easy and very effective insect repellent.
Put some Coke in a bowl about an hour before your outdoor party and place it away from where you and your guests will be. Any unwanted insects and bugs will be too busy drinking the sweet and acidic soda to bother you and your guests.

2. Coca-Cola can be used to remove blood stains from clothes.

3. Clean all the burnt stuff stuck at the bottom of a pan.
Burnt on food can ruin a good pan if you can’t get it off. To save your good cookware, pour some Coke in the pan and let it soak overnight. The next morning, all that burnt food should come right off.

4. Make your car battery last longer.
Corrosion on a car battery can cause problems with your vehicle, however if you simply pour some coke over the battery terminals you can clean it up in a flash.

5. Marker stains can be removed from carpet using Coke.
If someone accidentally got marker on your carpet, pour some coke over it and then scrub with a soapy solution. The marker stains should come out easily.

6. Stained china can be cleaned using Coke.
You can soak your vitreous China in Coke for a few hours, and those set in stains should come out easily.

7. Eliminate grease stains detergent alone just can’t take care of.
If you ever get grease or oil on your clothes while cooking, simply pour some Coke in the washer with the clothes.

Coca-cola stain remover
Jaw-dropping and unusual uses for Coca-Cola

8. Fix a bad dye job with Diet Coca Cola.
If you ever find yourself with a horrible dye job, soak your hair in Diet Coke and remove any permanent hair dye with ease.

9. Gum stuck in your hair? Use Coke to get it unstuck.
Soak the gum and the hair in Coke for 15 minutes and then the gum will wipe out easily.

10. If you’re looking to strip the paint from a metal surface, use Coke.
If you soak a towel in Coke and then lay it over the paint for a few hours, the paint will come off when you remove the towel.
11. You can use Coca-Cola to clean oil stains off a garage floor.
All you have to do is pour the coke on the stains, let it soak and then rinse it all off, including the oil stains with some water.

12. Clean pennies that have gotten filthy over time.
After a while, pennies can become pretty gross. To clean them up, simply put them in a bowl with some Coke and in a few hours, they will come out looking like new.

13. Snails and slugs can be killed using Coca Cola.
The high acidity of the soda makes it incredibly effective when trying to kill the pests.

14. Clean the tile grout quick and easily.
Tile grout can be one of the most difficult places to clean, but a can of Coke makes it easy. Simply pour the Coke on the floor, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the coke and dirt away.

15. Clean chrome with Coke and aluminum foil.
Simply pour the Coke onto the dirty chrome and wipe with the aluminum foil to make that chrome shine like new.

16. Make a toilet bowl sparkling clean.
Cleaning the toilet is easily one of the least desirable chores there is, so this quick tip makes it incredibly easy. Simply pour a can of Coke into the bowl and let it soak over night. The next morning, scrub the toilet with a brush and flush away.

17. A tooth can be dissolved in Coca Cola.
If a tooth is placed in a sealed container of Coke, it will eventually dissolve completely.

Shocking Fast Food Facts

Next time you pull up to the fast food drive through, you might want to keep these shocking facts in mind!

No Drive Thru
Fast Food Drive Thru

1. Shellac is used to increase the shine in jelly beans. It’s also a chemical used to shine hardwood floors.
2. The average fast food consumer consumes about 12 pubic hairs every year.
3. Each can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. That’s enough to make some people vomit.
4. Any cheese labeled as “processed” is packed with additives, chemicals, and artificial flavorings. In fact, up to 49% of processed cheese isn’t cheese at all.
5. Many fast food chicken items contain beef additives to enhance flavor.
6. A McDonald’s milkshake contains about 50 chemicals used to imitate the flavor of strawberries.
7. Studies have shown fast food chicken is composed primarily of fat, with some blood vessels and nerves present.
8. Chicken nuggets contain a type of pink paste which is washed in ammonia and combined with more chemicals, dyes, and flavoring.

Strangest Old Jobs That No Longer Exist

So you have strangest job….So the next time you’re stuck at work, dreaming of an early finish, be glad you’re not knocking windows or catching rats in the sewers!

Job That No Longer Exist
Rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population

#1. Bowling alley pin setter

This job was often carried out by teenagers. Needless to say, it didn’t pay very well.

#2. Knocker-upper

Since alarm clocks didn’t exist back then, Knocker-uppers were hired to make sure their clients woke up early.

They would tap on doors and windows with sticks and even pea shooters until their clients woke up.

#3. Ice cutte

When the lakes froze up, strong men were hired to cut through the thick sheet of ice.

#4. Enemy aircraft detection

Before the invention of radar, these devices helped soldiers to listen for approaching enemy aircraft.

#5. Rat catcher

In Europe, rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population and prevent the spread of disease.

It wasn’t an easy job, as many of them would suffer from bites.

#6. Lamp lighter

Before electric street lamps took over the streets, lamp lighters would go around manually lighting and extinguishing street lamps.

#7. Milkman

Because of less advanced refrigeration and preservation techniques, milkmen would deliver cold milk to their clients regularly. This practice continued until the 90s. In fact, in some areas milkmen still operate to this day.

#8. Log driver – Before log transportation via trucks and lorries, these men would guide logs down the river.

#9. Switchboard operator

Switchboard operators used to play a crucial role in connecting calls. Today, it is all done digitally.

#10. Resurrectionist – These 19th century body snatchers would remove corpses from graves and sell them to universities for use in research.

#11. Factory worker lector

Factory workers would often pool their money together to hire lectors to read to them. Much of what was read was often trade-union literature.