Friday the 13th is the day they crucified Jeesus. And they say ever day at Friday the 13th he come back from the dead and haunts the world. There is no written evidence for the superstition before the 19 century however; the date has long been connected to notorious events in history and religion. According to Catholic belief the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place on a Friday the 13, the day after the Last Supper – involving thirteen participants – on Thursday. Geoffrey Chaucer made reference to the apparent unluckiness of the day, recording in his Canterbury Tales that it was bad luck toRead More →

They’re pointless questions, they’re brilliant, and some of them are all-out hilarious. If I dropped a piece of bread, and someone else in China dropped a piece of bread… would that mean the world was a sandwich? Before cell phones, we never had to ask anyone “Where are you?” Most of my friends write full sentences in emojis… does that mean that English is reverting back to hieroglyphics? The only instance where the word “incorrectly” isn’t spelled incorrectly is when you spell it incorrectly. This stresses me out. The entire population on Mars is made up off robots. The eagle is the American symbol forRead More →

Usually, the burglar robs the house while the victim is asleep, but in this story, the roles were reversed. 24-year-old Mark Smith from Whitley Bay, England sneaked into Heather Stephenson’s home, crept past her while she was ironing, and rifled through her belongings in the bedroom. Then he fell asleep under her bed. Mrs. Stephenson couldn’t wake him, and police officers had to drag him out from under the bed. Smith’s vodka and valium consumption were to blame. He received an 18-month sentence for burglary.Read More →