Getting ready for Movember

November also known as Movember; the month where men (Mo Bros) help create awareness of men’s health by effectively becoming human billboards for the entire month. Each year During November men across the world grow a moustache with the aim of raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues.

Its like... someone peeled a wookie
Its like… someone peeled a wookie

Movember dates back to 2003 where it started in Australia. Since then it has spread across the globe to the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. At launch in 2003, social networks were minimal, but the rise of the social web has led to an online snowball effect . Over the past years we have seen Movember dominate social media platforms during November, and we have seen mentions of “prostate cancer” and “getting checked” increasing, suggesting that Movember does in fact mobilize men to see a doctor.

Tycho Brahe Died because he didn’t get to the toilet in time

Tycho Brahe famous as an alchemist and astronomer, Brahe’s pioneering observations of planetary motion paved the way for Sir Isaac Newton to develop the theory of gravity.


Unfortunately brilliance and common sense do not always go hand in hand, the manner of his death being the case in point. Known to have a weak bladder and knowing that it was very bad form to leave the banquet table before the festivities concluded, Brahe still neglected to relieve himself before dinner. To compound matters, he was known to drink excessively, and this particular banquet was no exception. Too polite to ask to be excused, his bladder strained causing a protracted (11 day), agonizing death. Whether he died of a burst bladder or hyponatremia (low levels of sodium in the blood) or mercury poisoning is now debated.