Bizarre Death of Jon-Erik Hexum

An actor in a 1980’s US television series Cover Up, Jon-Erik Hexum, died as a result of an accidental shooting while on set handling a firearm. Despite having been warned by both producers and his costar, the actress Jennifer O’Neill, about his proclivity to play with firearms, Mr. Hexum placed a .44 Magnum handgun against his temple during a break in shooting and discharged the weapon into his head.

Although the weapon was loaded with blanks, the paper wadding in the blank round was driven into his skull with enough force to fracture it, and this sent a small piece of bone into his brain, causing a massive hemorrhage and brain death.

Jon-Erik Hexum  American model and actor
Jon-Erik Hexum American model and actor

Man arrested after posting YouTube video of marijuana garden

William Bradley, a 46-year-old Connecticut man, was recently arrested after he allegedly posted a video of himself on YouTube giving viewers a tour of his “Hope Garden.” Of course, by “Hope Garden” he meant marijuana farm.

In the video, Bradley claims his crops are for his cancer, which is terminal, and asks for donations so he can give away his excess weed to help those not enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana program. And there’s a lot of excess weed to give away.


Unfortunately for Bradley, the video didn’t attract the kind of like-minded people he hoped it would. The New York Daily News reports that police saw the video and arrested him for possession of narcotics with the intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia and operating a drug factory. Tracking him down didn’t exactly take the work of a master detective either: He was super-helpful in that department by providing his P.O. Box address in the video.

Bradley was eventually released on $5,000 bond after his arraignment and says the police didn’t find his marijuana garden in the raid. Authorities claim they did find a whole lot of other goodies though: specifically, 2 pounds of weed, 20 grams of hashish, 2 bags of cocaine and drug paraphernalia in a storage unit.

As Bradley says in his video, “God has gifted me with an abundance and it’s more than I need.” Too bad the Almighty didn’t gift him with enough common sense to at least set his YouTube video to private.

Source: nydailnews