The gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy

monte carlo roulette
On August 18, 1913, at the casino in Monte Carlo, black came up a record twenty-six times in successionin roulette. There was a near-panicky rush to bet on red, beginning about the time black had come up a phenomenal fifteen times. In application of the maturity of the chances doctrine, players doubled and tripled their stakes, this doctrine leading them to believe after black came up the twentieth time that there was not a chance in a million of another repeat. In the end the unusual run enriched the Casino by some millions of francs.

Shortest scary stories which will scare the hell out of you

Check out these 10 short and scary stories.

1. Wife screams at her funeral

2. Just saw my reflection blink

3. We lost internet access. Forever

4. Hard drive failed, no backups

5. WhatsApp chat shared on Facebook

6. You awoke suddenly, buried alive

7. Alone in bed. Blanket shifts

8. Last person alive, hears knocking

9. Someone enjoys watching you sleep

10. Locked door opens by itself
scarry story

Why Did Some Pirates Wear Eye Patches?

The fact that some pirates wore eye patches most likely had nothing to do with a missing eye, and everything to do with being able to see—specifically, above decks and below them.
The eyes adapt quickly when going from darkness to light, studies have shown that it can take up to 25 minutes for them to adapt when going from bright light to darkness, which “requires the regeneration of photo pigments.”
Pirates frequently had to move above and below decks, from daylight to near darkness, and Sheedy says the smart ones “wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark-adapted outside.” When the pirate went below decks, he could switch the patch to the outdoor eye and see in the darkness easily.

The Hollywood film industry was built by fleeing pirates

Why did pirates wear a patch over one eye
Why did pirates wear a patch over one eye