Optical illusion – picture will fade away if you stare at it

Take a look at the image below. (It might help to open it in a new tab and zoom in). Pick a spot in the center of the picture, and stare only at that spot for about 20 seconds. Try to let your eyes relax there, without letting them stray to any other corner of the image. Ready? Set? Stare…

may take a minuteoptical illusion.jpg

As you gaze at a single spot, all the colors around it slowly fade to white. Think too hard and everything comes whooshing back again. But where did everything go? [The Most Amazing Optical Illusions (and How They Work)]

This is not a GIF in disguise. This is your brain on an optical illusion called the Troxler Effect, or Troxler fading, and it reveals how your mind’s natural affinity for efficiency can sometimes lead you astray.

Police Lose 1200 pounds of Cannabis, Blame Addicted Rats

Police inspectors in Pilar, Argentina’s Buenos Aires province, were recently questioned about the disappearance of 1200 pounds of marijuana from the evidence room, and the best explanation they could come up with was that addicted rats ate it all.

rat cannabis.jpg

It all started when Commissioner Emilio Portero relieved his partner Javier Specia, as head of the police department in Pilar, a town located 45 miles from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Protocol dictates that in the case of such a transfer of command, a sort of inventory of everything left in the hands of his successor by the officer who is transferred to another unit be signed. Although the inventory was allegedly conducted, it was never signed by Specia, which made Portero suspicious. He notified the Division of Internal Affairs of the Police, which in turn tasked the National Gendarmerie with conducting an official inventory.

Identical quadruplets that were born in a South Korea

The Hwang sisters, Suel, Seol, Sol, and Mil all are identical quadruplets that were born in a South Korean hospital in 1989. Of course, just being a quadruplet, although it makes for a fun story, is nothing too astounding, but what makes these women special is that they all work the same job in one of the leading hospitals in all of Northeast Asia—the same hospital that they were born in.
Identical quadruplets

They were born on Jan. 11, 1989. Their mother, who visited her mother’s home in Incheon just ahead of childbirth, had her amniotic fluid break, and was taken to the emergency room at Gil Hospital. She underwent Caesarian section to give birth the quadruplets

While working with the hospital, they entered the nursing department (night class) at Gachon University and won bachelor’s degree in 2012 .

It is a great blessing and privilege to have job at the hospital where we were born and I am extremely happy that we are going to hold our wedding together, said Seul, the eldest. We will have happy families and repay support that we`re received to many people.

In May of this year, Seul, Sol, and Mil held a joint wedding, with Seol being left out because she had already married a year ago.