Why does this sound like a joke South Park would make to solve the problem of school shootings? School shootings have become more frequent in recent years, leaving kids afraid and parents anxious. The violence has led to a surge in the number of companies selling products designed to help kids protect themselves better against handguns and some shotguns. “We’ve got to do something that keeps these kids safe,” said Mary Barzee Flores, a U.S. congressional candidate for Florida advocating for gun reform. “I totally understand the fear of sending a child into a school. My son Adrian will be going back to a largeRead More →

“Richard Bertrand, from Queensland Funeral Transfers, was transporting the baby from Rockhampton on Wednesday night and when the baby’s body was transferred between vehicles on the Sunshine Coast, it was placed on the car roof. According to 7 News, the baby fell onto the roadside not long after Mr Bertrand drove off. The body was not discovered missing until the vehicle arrived at the morgue.”Read More →

Historical records show that February 30 was a real date at least twice in history. Sweden added the date to its 1712 calendar following an earlier calendar error; the Soviet Union observed February 30 in 1930 and 1931 in an attempt to cut seven-day weeks into five-day weeks and to introduce 30-day months for every working month. Sweden’s 30 days of February In 1700 Sweden, which included Finland at the time, planned to convert from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Therefore 1700, which should have been a leap year in the Julian calendar, was not a leap year in Sweden. However, 1704 andRead More →