The ruling was first made in 1992, following the case known as The People v. Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss. During that case, multiple women were arrested for violating decency laws. Like with many places where being topless is legal, it was argued then that it was discriminatory because the same standard wasn’t help to men. The New York Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the women, and it’s been legal ever since. Meanwhile, San Francisco could be in the process of banning nudity.Read More →

Sealand is officially a “micronation” (population 50+), which is “an entity that resembles a nation or a state, but which for the most part exists only on paper, on the Internet, or in the mind of its creator”. Sealand earns the dubious title of smallest country, with only 550 square meters of area. It’s really just an old WWII anti-aircraft platform 7 miles off the English coast. The Principality of Sealand was founded in 1976 when British Army Major Paddy Roy Bates occupied the old platform and formally declared independence. The independent status of Sealand has never been recognized by any other nation, and itRead More →

When Michael Carroll was lottery winner , he won the 2002 lottery jackpot (9.7M GBP) in England, he quickly came to be known as the ”lotto lout”. He went on a crazy binge of purchasing houses and cars, as expected of most lotto winners, but he took his over-indulgence a tad bit too far when he used the back yards of those very same houses, as open areas to hold demolition derbies that featured the cars he had bought! Let’s take a moment to take stock here. I mean, it is pretty stupid to buy multiple houses, flatten out their yards, buy a few expensiveRead More →