Tycho Brahe Died because he didn’t get to the toilet in time

Tycho Brahe famous as an alchemist and astronomer, Brahe’s pioneering observations of planetary motion paved the way for Sir Isaac Newton to develop the theory of gravity.


Unfortunately brilliance and common sense do not always go hand in hand, the manner of his death being the case in point. Known to have a weak bladder and knowing that it was very bad form to leave the banquet table before the festivities concluded, Brahe still neglected to relieve himself before dinner. To compound matters, he was known to drink excessively, and this particular banquet was no exception. Too polite to ask to be excused, his bladder strained causing a protracted (11 day), agonizing death. Whether he died of a burst bladder or hyponatremia (low levels of sodium in the blood) or mercury poisoning is now debated.

Brazilian girl tricks boyfriend into marriage

The look on his face says it all
The look on his face says it all

“A 21 year old invites her boyfriend to a wedding and it was a big surprise.

What do you do if your girlfriend invites you to a wedding and it turns out you’re the groom without being even remotely prepared? This story happened to Felipe Comparini, who received an invitation from his girlfriend Lenyenne de Oliveira, a girl of 21 years totally in love with the young 26.

It turns out that the girl told Philip that his cousin was getting married and would love to share this special time with her family; however, the young man got a big surprise when he realized that he was actually coming to his own marriage.

Lenyenne cheerfully explained that she invented the story of the marriage of his cousin and planned her own wedding as part of the best surprise of his life (but apparently not the groom).

A big surprise Felipe chilled him and he was not otherwise than say, a rather shocked face, that it was a “proof of love.” Finally he gave the nod to the bride

There are ignorant people like this out there

No, no one can be this stupid. Please tell me no one is this stupid. Someone just lie to me and say this is a joke. I can’t sleep knowing this is real. Still cant understand how someone can be this ignorant, but I accept that is reality.

What is she trying to say?
What is she trying to say?