There is Water on the Sun

This probably sounds crazy because the temperature of the “surface of the sun is around 6000 Kelvin.

It’s so high that molecules can not exist and even atoms exist in the form of ionized plasma. So how can water exist on Sun? Water exists on sunspots and at a distance of around 500 km from photosphere. Sun spots are the regions with lesser temperature than the rest of the surrounding photosphere.The water obviously exists as vapour. This sheds more light.

Water on the sun
Water Found on Sun

So how can there be water molecules on the sun? Well, there are a few cool places, just cool enough that some hydrogen (H) atoms and oxygen atoms (O) can team up to become a water molecule (H2O). Those are the centers of sunspots on the outside of the sun. Sunspots are dark places on the sun with a lot of magnetic field, much much stronger than the earth’s magnetic field which pushes your compass needle to the direction of the North pole. In sunspots, the magnetic field is so strong that it pushes the gas largely aside and makes it cool as well. The remaining gas is so cool that there can be a bit of water by H atoms joining O atoms. That is still water vapor, not fluid! You can’t go surfing on the sun – and I can’t go kayaking there (that’s my sport).There is more to this. When the universe started in what we think was a big explosion called the Big Bang, it made only hydrogen and helium, not all the other elements. Those were made later, inside stars and when heavy stars exploded at the end of their life. All the atoms other than hydrogen and helium around us and inside us (yes, you too) were made in stars long before our sun and our planet were formed. You are made of star stuff! In five billion years from now, the sun will die but not explode, it is too small for that. But it will swell up first and push the earth out of the way. It may happen that the H and O atoms making up the water in your body right now end up in some other living body say ten or more billion years from now.

Did you know:

The sun travels at a speed of 220 kilometers every one second? Well, that’s incredibly fast! However, even with that kind of speed, it can complete one revolution around the galactic core (the central point of our Milky Way galaxy) in a staggering 250 million years! The distance of the sun from the galactic core is 25,000 light years. Did you know that sun is our solar system’s largest mass accounting for 99.8% of the total mass? Jupiter takes up the remaining mass and the remaining planets and galactic bodies in our solar system together form only a fraction of the total mass of our solar system!

The Sun – Educational and Interesting Facts About the Sun

How Much Water Would Extinguish the Sun?

The Sun isn’t on fire. There’s no amount of water you could add that would quench it, you’d just make it explode, but if you used firehoses that could spray water at nearly the speed of light, you could probably shut the thing off and eventually freeze us all, which is what I think you were hoping for in the first place.

The day that I decided that I wanted to be a pilot

“20 years ago I went to an air show with my Grandpa and Uncle. One of the aircraft I sat in was the OH58 Kiowa.

OH58 Kiowa 15498 tail number
OH58 Kiowa 15498

This was the day that I decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Today while looking through some old photos I found the picture below of me sitting in the Kiowa. I thought it was cool because that’s what I’ve been flying the past month. Upon arriving to the airfield today I asked operations if they have ever had a Kiowa with the tail number listed on the aircraft that I sat in when I was eight years old. (What are the chances right?) They looked it up and not only had they once had that aircraft there, but it was sitting on the ramp. I went out and took a picture with it and realized that I had actually been flying that specific Kiowa this past month. Twenty years later I am flying the exact aircraft that helped spark my dream to fly.”

Jeri Ryan Made Barack Obama President

When Barack Obama first sat down in the Oval Office as the first black President, he probably had a pretty good inkling he was only there because of Jeri Ryan the woman who played seven of nine on Star Trek Voyager.

Sci-fi pin-up Jeri Ryan
‘Star Trek: Voyager’ star Jeri Ryan

Barack Obama’s path to the Presidency started when he was a Senator, and he had to win that seat first. The man Obama ran against was Jeri Ryan’s husband, Jack Ryan. It is hard to say whether he could have beaten him or not on his own but because Jack Ryan tried to get a little pervy with his wife, he did not have to.

During the election, the Ryans’ divorce papers got out to the press, revealing that Jack Ryan had tried to take his wife to some less-than-wholesome clubs. “It was a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling,” Jeri Ryan described in the divorce. Jack, she said, “wanted me to have sex with him there, with another couple watching. I refused.”

In the ensuing scandal, Jack Ryan dropped out of the election, and with him out of the way, Obama won handily. With his spot as Senator, he started moving toward becoming the first black President all because someone tried to take seven of nine to a sex club.