Man Turns Himself In After Police Complete His Facebook Challenge

A man wanted on two probation violations promise to police in Redford Township, Michigan: Get 1,000 shares on their next Facebook post and he’d hand himself over, along with donuts and a promise to clean up litter around public schools. “Yeah I’m not worried about it,” Michael Zaydel, 21, wrote in what appeared to be a private Facebook message sent to the department. Redford police used a screenshot of his message as a Facebook. It had been shared more than 4,000.

Walmart is working with the government to turn it’s locations into FEMA prisons

For those who don’t know, “FEMA” stands for the “U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency”. This agency is responsible for devising plans of action in case of a giant nationwide emergency.

It’s hard to imagine that Walmart could be the center of a conspiracy but then again..I guess it really isn’t all that surprising since there are conspiracies about almost everything these days. Back in 2016, Walmart announced that they would be closing 269 stores around the world, 154 in the US alone. Affecting some 16,000 workers, it seemed odd and out of nowhere. Some workers claim that some closings were so abrupt that they had no warnings of any kind. Some reasons the company have given for the closings range from “corporate restructuring” to remodeling. The conspiracy theory is that Walmart is actually working with/for the government to turn these sites into FEMA prison camps. And that the quick closing of so many stores is so that construction can begin to convert the buildings into camps. Along with this theory is that there are secret tunnels being constructed underneath Walmarts connecting them to other “Walmart camps” all over the country. To my knowledge, this conspiracy is relatively new but fascinating none the less.

US Fema Concentration Camps In Case Of Martial Law
FEMA CAMPS are being setup in Walmart!!!

U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning, The FEMA camps theory is a conspiracy theory that the

US Citizens Will Be Imprisoned in concentration camps. Martial law disaster Crisis.

Fema Responds To Major Distasters, Established By Jimmy Carter 1979.

Woman Traded a Szechuan dipping Sauce for a Volkswagen

At the beginning of the just-finished season of sci-fi-themed adult cartoon show Rick & Morty, protagonist Rick ends an episode by explaining his life’s ambition (or more specifically, the season’s plotline) is to track down the Szechaun McNugget dipping sauce McDonald’s released for a limited time in 1998 as a tie-in with the Disney movie Mulan, set in China.

Clearly providing proof that watching Rick & Morty doesn’t make you smart.
Clearly providing proof that watching Rick & Morty doesn’t make you smart.

The punchline to the 30-second rant he goes on about the sauce is that there is no real purpose in life, and the sauce is just a stand-in for the philosophical absurdity of existential meaning; apparently some fans didn’t get the joke, and have actually made it their life’s ambitions to get their hands on some incredibly hard to find Szechuan dipping sauce.

The number of people saying she got a bad deal because the cars old or gonna need work. She traded a car for a dipping sauce. Reality check
The saddest part of this story is McDonalds is brining back the Szechuan sauce

The value of Szechuan McNugget sauce skyrocketed as a result, and McDonald’s, which had no formal affiliation with the show, decided to take advantage of the sauce’s new-found popularity by re-releasing it in limited quantities for a single day earlier this month.

On auction site eBay, the going rate for a one-ounce packet of the sauce seems to be at minimum $100, though there are offers for, for example, a half-gallon of the stuff going for $15,000. At least 20 people have bought a framed picture of the Szechuan sauce packet for $10 each.

Rachel Marie from Macomb, Michigan, one of the lucky few to actually get their hands on a packet, originally was hoping to trade hers for a pin collection, but when she got offered a Volkswagen GTI, she couldn’t turn it down.

No run-down beater, this Mk 4 hatchback comes fitted with custom rims and the more-desirable 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder and five-speed manual. We think Marie may have come away ahead in this trade.