Time Travel Paradox : Consider these situations

  • Grandfather paradox

You travel back to the past and kill your grandfather. So now, your father won’t be born and neither will you.

So if you are not even born, who killed your grandfather?

time travwl

  • Hitler paradox

You travel back to the past and kill Hitler. So history changes and now, there is no Hitler.

Now, if Hitler doesn’t exist, why would you travel back in the first place to kill him?

  • Infinite loop paradox

A man travel backs to the past and marries a woman. After that, he returns to the present. But the woman gets pregnant and has a son. Many years later, that son becomes the time traveller who goes to the past and marries the woman.So who is the son and who is the father?



  • Bootstrap Paradox

A Bootstrap Paradox is a type of paradox in which an object, person, or piece of information sent back in time results in an infinite loop where the object has no discernible origin, and exists without ever being created. It is also known as an Ontological Paradox, as ontology is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of being, or existence. George Lucas traveling back in time and giving himself the scripts for the Star War movies which he then goes on to direct and gain great fame for would create a bootstrap paradox involving information, as the scripts have no true point of creation or origin. A bootstrap paradox involving a person could be, say, a 20 year old male time traveler who goes back 21 years, meets a woman, has an affair, and returns home three months later without knowing the woman was pregnant. Her child grows up to be the 20 year old time traveler, who travels back 21 years through time, meets a woman, and so on. American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein wrote a strange short story involving a sexual paradox in his 1959 classic “All You Zombies”.

These ontological paradoxes imply that the future, present and past are not defined, thus giving scientists an obvious problem on how to then pinpoint the “origin” of anything, a word customarily referring to the past, but now rendered meaningless. Further questions arise as to how the object/data was created, and by whom. Nevertheless, Einstein’s field equations allow for the possibility of closed time loops, with Kip Thorne the first theoretical physicist to recognize traversable wormholes and backwards time travel as being theoretically possible under certain conditions.

The US Nuclear Launch Codes : 00000000

During the Cold War, the code meant to prevent unauthorized launching of the United States’ arsenal of Minuteman nuclear missiles was apparently “00000000.”

At the ’60s, a Permissive Action Link (PAL) system was put in place to ensure that nuclear missiles couldn’t be launched without the right code.

However, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) thought that this was an additional obstacle and could prove costly during the event of an actual war by wasting precious minutes to launch a counter attack.

So, they changed the codes to 00000000 for all 50 of the missile silos.

Millions of lives were protected by a simple code of eight zeroes for nearly fifteen years.

However, amid the renewed hype over the easily cracked code, a crucial element has been largely overlooked: Though the physical code preventing an unauthorized missile launch may have been all zeroes, the process of arming the actual nuclear warhead was much more involved, according to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This is the seemingly made-for-Hollywood process involving the simultaneous turning of keys, “Emergency War Order” safes and verified launch codes, which presumably were not all zeros.

So while rogue officers or Soviet spies could have gained access to a missile by dialing “00000000” — which certainly may have led to disastrous consequences on its own — actually launching a nuclear weapon would have required significantly more work.

Disney has been misleading you about the myth of happily ever after

unrealistic Disney fairy tales

Unrealistic Disney fairy tales and embrace the deeper romance of choice. No one is going to change for you because you are such a good person. No one is going to show up and save the day. No one has a magic potion that will cure your loneliness.

Media representations of love create impossible expectations. They present a vision of what love is “supposed” to look like. It is supposed to be chivalrous, romantic, and passionate. The strong and suitable man is supposed to save damsels in distress. A white horse is supposed to make for a happily-ever-after, storybook ending. Unfortunately, this type of love exists only there: a storybook. When we spend our entire lives waiting for a perfect man, we miss out on a man with the greatest component of all: imperfection.

It’s very easy to tell who is good and who is bad in the world. If you’re a good person then you are beautiful. If you are a bad person you are old, ugly, fat or all of the above. Let’s test this theory with Disney characters. Disney princesses are all beautiful, the princes are handsome and all the people we’re supposed to like are generally nice to look at. But the baddies… Ursula is old, ugly and fat, Cruella de Vil is old and ugly, Jafar is ugly… prominent eyebrows seem to be a bit of an ongoing theme with the bad guys, so probably don’t trust anyone who hasn’t been on a plucking spree. Yep, attractiveness is synonymous with being a good person, and we can extend this rule to animals too… the darker animals with pointer features and crazy eyes are the evil ones – you mustn’t dance with them.

It doesn’t matter who your are or what your situation is, if you’re a good person then you will get a happy ending. The best thing of all is that you don’t even have to do anything to get this happy ever after, it will just fall into your lap. Cinderella was slaving away her days when a fairy-godmother appeared out of nowhere to fix her problems and ultimately bag her a prince because good things just come to those who wait. While it’s probably best to do nothing and just wait for life to hand you happiness, if you want to speed up the process of finding a man just have a friend lock you in a tower or put you in some kind of mortal danger… that sounds like a lot of work though and as previously mentioned, why work hard to achieve something when you can sit back and just wait for it all to happen? If you get really desperate though, you can always make a deal with the devil and give up something silly that you don’t need (like your voice) in exchange for over-all body perfection because that will bag you a prince without question – men would much rather have a perfect looking woman who cannot talk than a half-fish freak who constantly sings songs about her hoarding.

Disney may have given us unrealistic expectations about life, but movies like Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White and Hercules were a huge part our childhoods and we wouldn’t change a thing.