What? No. That’s a tiger and they’re not even close, with an abysmal hunting success rate of about 5%. The actual deadliest cat in the world is… This fearsome beast. The dread black-footed cat, who boasts a terrifying 60% success rate, beating out cheetahs (58%), leopards (38%), domestic cats (32%) and even lions (25%, king of the jungle my arse). The Champawat Tiger still holds the record for most humans killed by a single animal. The notorious Champawat Tiger (or tigress, as it were) began her reign of terror in Nepal around 1903. This particular female Bengal tiger had already killed an estimated 200 peopleRead More →

If you’ve ever seen that picture of director James Gunn with a raccoon on his shoulder from the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet, that was Oreo. The 10-year-old raccoon had been suffering from a short illness but apparently went peacefully. The news was revealed on Facebook by Quinta Layla, one of Oreo’s owners With the growing popularity of CGI characters it’s easy to forget the people behind them. In addition to the voice, and occasionally the person that stands in, there are numerous digital effects people creating the character. In the case of Rocket however, there was one more important player, as the FXRead More →

After first making the unbelievable claim somewhere early in his career, the Hong Kong-born actor has been quizzed on it multiple times, always insisting that it’s true. In a 2010 interview with UK talk show host Jonathan Ross, when asked if it was true he was born after “12 months in the womb” he replied, “yes”, adding he was a “huge baby”. According to Chan, his parents couldn’t afford the surgery (a cesarean section) to have him delivered and even considering selling their son to pay the medical bill, but were convinced by friends who loaned them the money to keep him. Now, we knowRead More →