A man everyone thought was a racist simpleton, who showed the world they were absolutely right. Donald Trump Gets A Forrest Gump Makeover. Forrest Trump just keeps on running for president “I Just Felt Like Running”. Satirical British television show “ Newzoids ” mercilessly mocked Donald Trump over the weekend in a hilarious “ Forrest Gump ”-  themed puppet/CGI sketch. It gave Tom Hanks ’ lovable fictional character a full Trump makeover for the clip, which first aired on the main network channel ITV.Read More →

It’s Remi Gaillard, he is motivating cars to speed up so the radar takes a pictures. It’s usually for cars who go over the speed limit. I’m not sure why people like Remi Gaillard. His little jokes are unique but more than anything they’re annoying for everyone involved. He’s a dick. Fun Fact: if you go significantly faster than the speed camera, it will flash but will not be calibrated for your speed and thus no ticket. Like, if you can travel faster than the speed of light you should be good right?Read More →

The 60s Batman TV series is famous for its colorful rogues gallery. Part of the fun was seeing which celebrity guest star would stop by each week to ensnare Batman and Robin in some nutty deathtrap. Grab your trusty Batarang and join us for a look at most amazing Batman and Robin facts.Read More →