Louie C.K. Comedian and Masturbator on Masturbation

Louie C.K. Comedian and Masturbator on Masturbation
I’ll masturbate to you and there’s nothing you can do about it… I will find a way to quote this in my daily life. Men who masturbate daily have a reduced chance of developing prostate cancer. It almost seems like God wants you to masturbate. Stop what you are doing and go watch this video, ...

25 People Who Had Just One Job And Failed Miserably

These people had only one job, but they still failed miserably at it. Their fails are just so epic, you will laugh out loud. Sometimes seemingly simple jobs can go wrong. How hard could it be???

$135 Pizza With no Sauce

* $135 was cheese and truffles on dough, not an actual pizza. WARNING ⚠️: Don’t watch this video if you are hungry right now!!! It will make you drool! So basically the more expensive the pizza, the smaller it becomes and shittier it tastes. BuzzFeed found out food goes viral now they only make these. ...