We Needed A Cringe Button On Facebook

There are some pictures and facebook posts, however, that would make anyone stop and think twice about what exactly it is they are seeing. Such posts can be manipulated or totally accidental – you can decide for yourself if the ones on this list were intentional or not. Here are ten posts that will either make you laugh or cry, but most definitely will make you cringe.

Louie C.K. Comedian and Masturbator on Masturbation

I’ll masturbate to you and there’s nothing you can do about it… I will find a way to quote this in my daily life. Men who masturbate daily have a reduced chance of developing prostate cancer. It almost seems like God wants you to masturbate.
Louie C.K: I'll masturbate to you and there's nothing you can do about it...
Stop what you are doing and go watch this video, it will change your life. You can actually see the point where her innocence was destroyed.

Can somebody please tell me where in the Bible it says that masturbation is a sin?