After someone stole a package off of his porch, Mark Rober spent months designing and building a fake package to get revenge on the next person stupid enough to try it. He outfitted the box with GPS, motion sensors, four cameras that auto-uploaded to the cloud, a glitter bomb that detonated when the package was opened, and a canister of fart spray that sprayed periodically until the thief threw the package out. The package would contain a pound of fine glitter plus some potent fart spray. The glitter would burst out when opened; the latter would spray five times, every 30 seconds. But Robert wentRead More →

December marks Aquaman’s scheduled release date, making it not only the lone Worlds of DC 2018 release, but also the only live-action superhero Christmas theatrical debut. Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 are slated for next year, however, the film is still expected to go up against heavy competition over the holiday season. DC fans can also expect to see Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 coming in 2019. The trailer released by JoBlo is a treat for any gamer geek, featuring the original’s music transposed to retro arcade sounds, as well as classic character narrations and thought-bubble descriptions. The Street Fighter-style attacks in the AquamanRead More →

How do you get out of this? Think about it, u walk down the street and turn around and go ‘haha just kidding’. Imagine how annoyed the guy would be “Do you wanna have sex with me?” “Honey are you okay??” The results are equal parts damning, telling – no doubt selectively edited though – and pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a “social experiment” of this kind. Maybe lose the black tube socks bro?Read More →