The Floor is Hot Lava Game

The Floor is Lava is a game in which players pretend that the floor is lava and proceed to climb on furniture or other objects to keep their feet off the ground.

The Floor is Lava
The Floor is Lava

It’s an awesome game, super funny but imho it is highly disrespectful towards people working in retail. It’s more challenging in a store or a restaurant but please don’t. Some people are working, most of the time it’s a rough day.

You know why we all somehow instinctively came up with this game ourselves when we were children and tried to stay away from the floor?
When we were children, the floors of our rooms were probably littered with Legos…

United States of Whatever – Can’t Spell “Whatever” Without Hate

United States of “Whatever” President Bush Remix

United States of Whatever

America is just as bad under president Donald Trump. They continue to think they are above the law and continue to disrespect all other nations in the world.Some of which are doing much better than the USA.The only thing USA is number 1 at is illiteracy.

The song was released as a single from the album Fake Songs, which was released on April 8, 2003. It was originally produced for his 1997-1999 MTV comedy show, Sifl and Olly, a show that revolved around two sock puppets who performed skits and songs.

It was a jibe at George Bush and his invasion of Iraq, splicing audio of them impersonating George W. Bush over parts of the original song, not to be un-america.

One of the many songs that played on the show was the song United States of Whatever; which premiered in 1999, during the show’s last season.

Call of Duty or Insane Girlfriend

So basically, this insanely hot girl is sick of her boyfriend playing video games with his friends all the time. And much like everyone on this list, she doesn’t talk to him about it, she doesn’t leave him or try and consider why she is with him, she decides to go insane.

She tells the guy filming, who obviously wants to bang her, what is going on as this douche prepares to pull a horrible, expensive, and heartless prank on a guy who probably doesn’t completely deserve it. She grabs a bat from her HUGE truck and walks in on her boyfriend and all his friends playing video games and smashes the Xbox repeatedly with the bat while they’re playing games, ostensibly losing them a crucial match that embarrassed them all.

The most annoying part is how hard the douchebag who’s taping this is laughing. He’s obviously too ugly for her to want to bang him, so he’s trying to get in her good graces, so he supports completely dissing someone who he probably pretended to be “bros” with on camera.

So to answer the question posed by this YouTube video “Call of Duty 4 or Girlfriend?” even though she’s kind of a Hispanic Kristen Bell, the answer in this case is “Call of Duty is my girlfriend”.