By definition, democracy is a system of government where people choose their rulers ( representatives) by voting for them in elections. So, if we are not voting for our senators, and house of representatives, are we really “democratic” as we claim to be? I don’t think so. Yet, we are too quick to judge other countries. I don’t know about you but I feel like my votes ain’t shit these days. Companies and big money interests choose who is going to represent me in Congress or worse in the White House. Yet, we criticise about other countries’ systems of governments. Oftentimes, when we can, weRead More →

Everyone is gold digger. No matter who you are, you must have denied this, if by chance anyone saw you doing this act. Peeing in a shower. Suppose you are taking shower and you suddenly realize that you need to attend the nature call. Are you going to get out and pee. Hell NO. You just do in the shower. No matter your age or academic level, if there is a roll call you prepare yourself mentally , so that you don’t shout stupid when you name is called. We hit save button, twice or thrice just to be sure that we have saved theRead More →

The first thing that you must do is decide that this is the thing for you and that you will be able to handle this responsibility. Things that you need to get or have is access to a motel or some good form of shelter in which to house the items for sale. Next you should be located close to a large city and have many contacts with students such as college or high school level. You have to be in possession of an automobile. This is extermly necessary for transportation of girls and you to get to partys. You must have understanding parents that willRead More →