When James Cameron re-released the 3D version of ‘Titanic’ in 2012, he made a minor fix to the film. When he was asked about this scene revision, he was quoted as saying “Oh, there is one shot that I fixed. It’s because Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is one of the US’ leading astronomers, sent me quite a snarky email saying that, at that time of year, in that position in the Atlantic in 1912, when Rose is lying on the piece of driftwood and staring up at the stars, that is not the star field she would have seen, and with my reputation as aRead More →

”Peter Duffey, president of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association, said the controllers were looking for a way to help the American controllers as they faced their first payday with no pay on Friday. On Thursday, one of CATCA’s control centers in Edmonton, Alberta, had the idea of sending pizzas to the controllers in Anchorage, Alaska. The units are so close that they regularly interact and the Canadian controllers thought it would be a nice gesture of solidarity. The idea took hold, and other units along the border sent pizza to the controllers with whom they share airspace. But now, Duffey said, units have beenRead More →

A man called Sanmay Ved has detailed how he was able to use Google’s own domain service to buy Google.com for just $12. The adventure for Ved started when he was playing around in Google Domains. He searched google.com and saw that it was, weirdly, available. And he, as you do, added it to his cart. He then decided to check out, and paid the handsome sum of $12 to own his very own piece of the internet. The domain was, at least for a time, actually registered to Ved, it showed in his Google Webmaster Tools along with his existing domain and he received aRead More →