Well-Known The “!1” Phenomenon

!1: Element of punctuation used by morons in place of the period, the full stop, that little dot near the L key.

“!1” Phenomenon is sparsely documented typo
“!1” Phenomenon is sparsely documented typo

The typo is most commonly iterated as a string of exclamation points postfixed with one or more “1” at the end:

“I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!11111”

Occasionally, the postfix “1” may be spelled out in letters (“one”) for humorous effect. In cases of extreme sarcasm, other numbers or prerequisite keys like “shift” are used alternately with “one.”

“LOL awesome!!!111one11eleven”


In many cases, a string of exclamation marks followed by “1” can be read as a careless typo, though it has been increasingly used with intention to express a sense of urgency or excitement. It is considered part of leetspeak, an alternative alphabet for the English-speaking internet users.

Facts About Sex That They Didn’t Teach You In High School

1: Pumpkin has some hidden benefits for men.

2: People used crocodile dung as contraception in the early days.

3: A special contest for small penises

4: Having sex more often can increase your earnings.

5: These penis curses look creepy.

6: Housework turns off men for sure.

7: Get fat and last longer.

8: The vagina is capable of doing wonders.

9: So I guess erections are related to your earnings.

10: Sex causes a lot of destruction.

11: Nearly 33% of Americans get injured while making love.

12: That’s work too, right?

13: So now kinkiness is regarded as healthy.

14: The female ejaculation mostly consists of pee.

15: Semen makes one happy.

16: There were spiny penises in the past.

17: Men have a lot of information stored in their balls.

18: The spinal cord is responsible for ejaculation.

19: Older people like it oral.

You can still have an erection once dead

A death erection (sometimes referred to as “angel lust”) is a post-mortem erection which occurs when a male individual dies vertically or face-down with the cadaver remaining in this position. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures a relatively even distribution around the blood vessels of the human body. Once this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity acts upon the blood. As with any mass, the blood settles at the lowest point of the body and causes edema or swelling to occur; the discoloration caused by this is called lividity.

If an individual dies vertically such as in a hanging, the blood will settle in the legs and pool at the feet. The pressure will be greatest as the weight of the blood pushes down. This causes the blood vessels and tissues in the feet to engorge to their greatest elastic capacity and hold the greatest volume of blood possible. This effect occurs right up the legs although to a lesser extent than the feet and is also notable at the waist. The blood which remains in the torso attempts to move to a lower position due to gravity, and as the blood in the waist causes the penis, consisting of erectile tissue, to fill with blood and expand. This is the death erection. As long as the body remains in this position the effect will continue.